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SW Florida - 2 small birds (1 Viewer)


See today at Harns Marsh
1st bird - photos 1 & 2
2nd bird - photos 3, 4, & 5

Many thanks!


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My Sibley shows the goldfinch with a pink bill; the bird in 1 & 2 has a bill that looks darker than that. Is that still good?
I was wondering if 1 &2 might be a yellow-throated vireo? (But that would be rare for the area.)


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1 and 2 look like Pine Warbler, notice the large amount of yellow in the throat area, 2 solid wing bars and the long pointy bill of an insect eater as opposed to the conical bill for seed crushing of an American Goldfinch.

Yellow-throated Vireo is mostly a migrant through Florida, but small numbers of them do winter in the State, the Kendal CBC had 5-8 of them this year (one of which I found myself). But while it looks very similar, Yellow-throated Vireo has a much larger eye to head ratio and stouter bill that gives it more of 'cute' look than what you'd get with Pine Warbler (which is a common winter and breeding resident throughout Florida).

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