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Swarovski at80hd for digiscoping? (1 Viewer)


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Hello. I've been shopping for a used older scope that is as optically capable as possible. My goal is to use it for digiscoping of Whitetail and other wildlife. If I am lucky enough to find an angled version, or something that can be so adapted, I would use it for a travel scope for a bit of astronomy here and there too.

So, would the older gray AT80 HD be a sufficient intro scope? I actually enjoy vintage scopes and binos, so I am not prone to "needing" the most current of everything. I just want to be as sure as possible to avoid buying a low bang-for-the-buck scope. The fact that this version is rather dated does not bother me.

So, again, would this be a fair choice for digiscoping?

Also, what is a general value range, please? I see the prices on Ebay, and the like, but asking prices and what the scope is truly worth are typically far apart. No "sold" listings to use for value.

It looks like the newer WA eps work on these, is this a fact?

And, lastly...for now...I have read they are fairly heavy. Recommendations for a sufficient head/tripod combo?

Thanks, in advance. I have an angle on one, so this motivated the questions. The seller is a friendly acquaintance, so I do not want to be aggressive in my negotiations. With that in mind, I would still like to be rational in my offers, relative to my ability to resell if I upgrade later.

I hope that makes sense, and provides enough info to elicit some opinion. Thank you, again.
Hi Joker,

I have an AT80HD scope and occasionally use it to digiscipope using the Viking Phone adaptor


I have the original 20-60x zoom and the newer 30x SW eyepieces with it.

The 30x eyepiece gives a terrific birdwatching experience, but I find that the old zoom lens is better for digiscoping.

First of all, the fold-down rubber gives a better grip compared to the 30x.
Because the 30x is a twist-up eyepiece I have found it difficult to mount the adaptor and then have it remain in the optimal position.
I like to have the phone in landscape but the eyepiece is inclined to twist down to portrait as the weight of the phone etc seeks to balance itself.

Secondly, at 20-25x the original eyepiece is, to my eye, a much crisper image. It’s just the fov that lets it down for me in everyday use.

I love the AT80HD as a scope.
Paid around £600 from a UK dealer a year ago, just been refurbed by Swarovski.
I haven’t looked through any newer scopes to compare, but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed if you pull the trigger on a well-looked after example.

Hope this helps.



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Thank you for your reply. I actually ended up pulling the trigger on a different scope, due to a nearly $500 difference in price. I hope I do not regret it. Thank you, again.


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AT scopes will work just fine. Obviously as in any 'optic' the newer is better with clarity etc etc... No reason to get into it all but the AT is a quality scope and will suffice. Have fun

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