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Swarovski snapshot adapter fit to other brands/or? (1 Viewer)


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Any chance that one, all, or any of the Swarovski Snapshot Adapter kits fit other brands, or is there another adapter commercially available that I'm not aware of?
I don't have a Swarovski EL budget, but just today tried some shots with my old 3.2MP Nikon Coolpix camera and EO Ranger SRT 8x42s. Some of the results were actually quite good. Good enough for me, anyway. I'd love an adapter that simplified the arrangement, though.
Stationary objects weren't an insurmountable challenge, but getting shots with both binos and camera handheld and unsupported did bring the term "juggling" to mind. I work near an airport, and trying to get shots of low-flying planes turned out to be an exercise in frustration. They were gone before I could find them in the FOV, or line up the camera in the eyepiece.
Anyone else digi...binoing?:D



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The Swaro Snapshot Adapter did not fit my Zeiss Victory FL 8x42 bins. The adapter slips over and snaps onto the eyecup of the EL behind the widened portion that rests against your eye socket. The EL's eyecup is about 1/2 to 2/3 the thickness of the FL's eyecup so the adapter can't clip on behind the wider portion of the eyecup on the FL. Bummer.


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I called Eagle Optics today after looking at pics of different models online, and asked the sales lady to give something a try.
The Swarovski snapshot adapter does fit the Vortex Razor eyepieces, though it takes a little effort rather than popping right on. The camera she tried did have to be zoomed in a little to get a proper image.
I was having to send the EO Rangers that I just bought back for a spot inside one of the ocular lenses, and had decided to upgrade anyway. Since the Razors were what I really wanted, I said screw it, and ordered a pair.
'Course I'm going to order a snapshot adapter for it!


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Best of luck with the Razors and the adapter. I can see the eyecup on the Razor is similar to the EL so makes sense that it would probably fit.

I have used my digiscoping adapter with my FLs on occasion. My homemade adapter fits over the eyecup tightly and I've taken a few photos with it using my Fuji F31. Works in a pinch for me.

Let us know how you make out and your impression of the Razor.


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Thanks for the replies, John. Unfortunately, EO must not have had any separate snapshot adapters-they were going to send me a free one if they did for "discovering" that they could be made to work with the Razors. Sent me a free Vortex harness instead. I got the tripod adapter, as well.
On the upside, UPS brought them a day early(and I'm off on Mon/Tues), and I've spent the last hour seeing what I was missing with lower end binos.
I haven't looked through a truly high end glass since checking out a friend's Swarovskis about 8 years ago, so I can't really make any meaningful comments about how the Razors compare to the more expensive brands, but for someone who's been using the same Steiner 8x30 Military/Marines for ~15 years, with a pair of 8x22s for times when there's no extra room in the bag, these things bring a lot of superlatives to mind. The detail and depth of field seem incredible to me just from going out on my deck and seeing the things that I see on a daily basis in a new and brighter perspective.
I'm very happy with my purchase, and the $450 jump in budget seems well justified now that I have the Razors in hand.
Now to order that snapshot adapter...


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I had ordered a Snapshot Adapter from B&H Photo but returned it when I found out it did not work with my FLs. Here's the link to the one that should fit the Vortex Razor:


Thanks for your input on the Razors. We're looking for a similar bin for my wife and the Razor, Fury, and Viper are models under consideration. Probably the Viper in an 8x42 format. Light weight and well regarded with an excellent view. Maybe we should try the Razor against the Viper side by side. We'll see.

Thanks again & good luck with the new bins.


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A package including the snapshot adapter was waiting on my porch when I came home just now.
It does not fit the Razor. It's close, but no cigar. It will work if you remove the rubber boot from the eyepiece, and hold it in place. That defeats the purpose. I was warned by the EO associate that I talked to that it wasn't a proper fit, but didn't realize that the adapter wouldn't stay on the bino by itself.
The problem is that the adapter is made to go over the boot, but the Razor's is apparently larger/taller than that of the EL.
I am going to see if I can buy an extra eyepiece for the Razor(since the rubber boot for the Swarovski EL's is not sold separately), trim down the boot, and maybe even epoxy it all together into a permanent plug-in snapshot adapter. I like this idea better than having to attach and set the adapter for each use, and would do the same thing even if it did fit properly--so I guess I'm not really out anything but a little time.


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I am going to see if I can buy an extra eyepiece for the Razor
I called EO today, and told them...well basically what I said in my last post.
They wouldn't even talk to me about selling me a separate eyepiece, just connected me to "customer care" where someone confirmed my name and address, and is sending me a pair for free.
What a great dealer. They sure know how to get your repeat business!


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All you do is fully extend the eyepiece so the the "QR" mark lines up with the mark on the bino, and it pulls right out.
Here's a pic:

I called them back and ordered a doubler, too. The saleslady got one out, put it on a Razor, and made sure it focused properly just to be sure.
I'm going to be all accessoried out before long. Bought a cheapie monopod just to see how I'd like it, then got a Bogen Manfrotto 681B to do double duty for a small spotting scope in the future(this forum is deadly on the wallet!), plus a Stoney Point rest for when I don't want the binos attached to the monopod.
This is fun|:D|


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I haven't spend too much time with this, and had given up on the idea for a little while after some disappointing results. I'm not much of a photographer, and didn't realize that the "sports" setting on my camera would help with the fuzziness due to motion and slower standard shutter speed.
Anyway, there was nothing to photo this morning when I had this burst of inspiration, but this little birdhouse in my neighbor's yard is pretty representative of the range that I mostly intended to use the camera with my binos-about the same distance to the treeline at the back of my yard where I get regular views of crows, a flock of sparrows, and very rarely whitetail deer passing through.
Distance should be a little under 100ft.
They are resized to 600x800:
w/o binos:
binos w/o zoom:
binos plus almost enough(indeterminate w/my camera) zoom to fill the FOV:
I didn't think this was too bad, since though I was using a monopod with binocular rest, I was also shaking some since I was dressed for the 67* indoors, instead of the 33* outside:) The detail is good even when blown up a few more x, which I was particularly happy with since my camera is only 3.2MP.

btw, I made note of the difference in the thickness of the eyecup, along with the size it needed to be to fit the snapshot adapter, and made a cut around half the eyecup with a small pair of scissors. Only took a minute to get a good fit, though I may work on it a little more, since the eyecup still isn't perfectly centered in the adapter.
'Course this already has me wanting a better camera to take more advantage of the Razor's optical quality.

edit: this was taken later in the day. According to the mammal section of my animal guide, this is a 3 year old pink-panted rug rat. I did crop this one, hoping it would save a little larger and show more detail, but made no other adjustments. Based on the size of our lots, the distance is ~270ft.
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Hi Owen
Don't need a swar adapter. Can you make your own. I used a piece of plastic tube that fitted nicely around my camera lens and glued it into my swaro 8x32 eyepiece. It is in permanantly with no aparent loss of field of view when using bins normally. So all i need to do is offer camera into eyepiece and click. Ok the eyepiece now has a piece glued in, but they are only £6.99 for a replacment if I ever get tired of digbinning.
Shot taken today through bins, couldn't get close to anything else.


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ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia
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