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Swifts arrived in my birdbox but just sleep there at night..no nest? (1 Viewer)


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Hi, I built a swift bird box 4 years ago to specifications I found on a swift conservation page. I hung it outside my 5 story window in Barcelona and waited. Years went by and nothing. But now this year a pair of swifts arrived a week ago (So mid June) and have been sleeping in the box each night but seem to be doing nothing in the way of building a nest (I have a little hole in the box where I can put in mobile phone and observe them). But they are in there every night and also dont seem to leave each morning until rather late (around 9am....most swifts seem to be out hunting insects in the early hours) All seems strange to me no? I thought they slept in the air and only went in to "roost" like that when they were about to lay eggs. Any thoughts on what they are up to? Thanks!
Hi and welcome.

My Swifts sleep on my desk, not in the air.

However, they are Swift binoculars.

There are swifts outside, but I don't know where they sleep.

Hi Momo and a warm welcome to you from all the Staff and Moderators.

I've moved your post to the more appropriate Nest Boxes forum. Sorry, I don't have any experience with Swift nests, but hopefully someone will be along soon to advise you.

I'm sure you will enjoy it here and I look forward to hearing your news.
These will be a pair of young adults prospecting for a nest site and pair bonding. They may use the box for a few nights or several and probably mate in the box too. They will not be breeding or nest building this year, but maybe next. If you haven't already got a shaped nest cup in the box it would be a advantage to either make one or purchase one before they return next year. This gives them a base on which to build their nest and helps to stop their eggs rolling out of the nest.

I have a pair nesting in a box with a camera in it. They hatched their eggs on 14th/15th of June, I think there are two young as in previous years, but so far at least one adult has been brooding them all the time. As they grow and start to get some feathers then both adults will leave to forage for food at once, and I will get a clearer view of how many may be there.
I hope they return for you next year, good luck.


Definitely just two young, both adults left the nest at 11:45.
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Thanks for all the responses! And thanks Lewis...I think that all sounds about right. I also kindof expected they might be juviniles, but I didnt know they do this pair bonding thing, but that would explain it all. Since then I now discovered I have another swift in the other box (The box I built has two apartments), also no eggs but at least I am feeling pretty good that next season I have a high chance of some return customers)! New video by Jordan
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