Swinhoe's Plover update 12-05-12 (1 Viewer)

Dahu Beach, Haifeng, Guangdong.
Good numbers of Swinhoe's Plover now on the beach (152). I spotted 9 6-week old juvenile Kentish Plover from the wintering flock which arrived in breeding plumage last October. These birds apparently belong to an unknown ssp although they closely resemble Swinhoe's Plover, they are shorter in body and leg. Slimmer beaks often with thinnish black lores, less white on the forehad and duskier behind the eye. There were also 12 adults with the juveniles.Theses birds will probably stay and breed again during the Summer. The other adults wintering birds left when the Swinhoe's Plover started arriving three weeks ago.
My first breeding plumage Swinhoe's Egret was another plus for the day along with two Himalayan swiftlets hawking insects over the ponds with a big flock of Hirundines.
Images: Two juvenile kentish Plover from wintering population. Unknown ssp. Swinhoe's Plover males. Swinhoe's Egret (breeding plumage) froma long way off. Red-necked Stint and Broad-billed Sandpiper


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