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Taxa described by Cheng Tso-hsin (1 Viewer)


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Is there an open accessible list of all subspecies described by eminent ornithologist Cheng Tso-hsin?

Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
Mr Cheng and "his" birds.

Melanie, I have no idea if such a list exists, but Richmond lists the following seven ssp. for Cheng as Author (Auctor), or/alt. co-author, and (as I understand it), he's; Tso-hsin Cheng (1906–1998), in Western order of names (Surname last), a k a 郑作新 alt. Zheng Zuoxin (in Eastern order of names).

  • "Dendrocopus leucotos tangi" Cheng 1956
    Acta Zoologica Sinica 8 (No.2): p.133
  • "Sitta frontalis chienfengensis" Cheng, Ting, & Wang 1964
    Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica 1 (No.1): p.1 (in Chinese), p.4 (in English)
  • "Lophura nycthemera omeiensis" Cheng, Chang & Tang, 1964
    Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica 1 (No.2): p.221 (in Chinese), p.224 (in English)
  • "Paradoxornis paradoxus taipaiensis" Chen, L & Chao 1973
    Acta Zoologica Sinica 19 (No.1): p.50
  • "Treron sieboldii fopingensis" Cheng, Tan & Sung 1973
    Acta Zoologica Sinica, 19 (No.1): p.53
  • "Pomatorhinus ruficollis hunanensis" Cheng 1974
    Acta Zoologica Sinica 20 (No.1): p.108
  • "Paradoxornis flavirostris gongshenensis" Chen 1984
    Acta Zoologica Sinica, 30 (No.3): p.279

Mr Cheng himself is commemorated in the Sichuan Bush warbler Locustella chengi Alström et al., 2015 (OD here).

Note that the dear old, now defunct HBW Alive Key had his name/s the other way around (in the Eastern Way): "Prof. Cheng Tso-hsin (1906-1998) ..." !?!

Why is unknown to me, but probably due to the somewhat quirky way the dedication of chengi was written, in the OD itself (on p.27 of 32):
We are pleased to name Locustella chengi after the late Professor Cheng Tso-hsin (modern pinyin transcription Zheng Zuoxin) (1906–1998) in recognition of his unparalleled contributions to Chinese ornithology, of which his monumental work A Synopsis of the Avifauna of China (Cheng 1987) is the most widely known outside of China. We recommend the use of the English name Sichuan Bush Warbler.
His Obituaries; here and here.



PS. And, Melanie; good luck compiling all of his subspecies,.
Remember, I have only checked the Richmond Index.
There might be, could be even more of them. Or not.
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Thanks for the hint, Calalp.

I have just found a list at Avibase


But I don't whether it is complete.

Note: The fossil form is described by another Cheng.

I've found 14 subspecies (one obituary states 15)

Dendrocopus leucotos tangi Cheng, 1956
Pteruthius ricketti lingshuiensis Cheng, 1963
Cyornis unicolor diaoluoensis (Cheng, Yang & Lu, 1981)
Pterorhinus courtoisi simaoensis Cheng & Tang, 1982
Sitta solangiae chienfengensis Cheng, Ting, & Wang, 1964
Dendrocopos major wulashanicus Cheng, Xian, Zhang, Y & Jiang, 1975
Tragopan caboti guangxiensis Cheng & Wu, 1979
Cholornis paradoxus taipaiensis (Cheng, Lo & Chao, 1973)
Treron sieboldii fopingensis Cheng, Tan & Sung, 1973
Ficedula sapphira tienchuanensis Cheng, 1964
Pomatorhinus ruficollis hunanensis Cheng 1974
Sinosuthora zappeyi erlangshanica (Cheng, Li & Zhang, 1983)
Lophura nyctimera omeiensis Cheng, Chang & Tang, 1964
Pterorhinus pectoralis pingi Cheng, 1963
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laurent raty
I've found 14 subspecies (one obituary states 15)
15 descriptions or 15 descriptions of taxa now regarded as valid ? Your list doesn't include the last ssp cited by Björn, viz.:

Paradoxornis flavirostris gongshanensis Cheng 1984

郑作新 [Cheng T-H]. 1984. 中国鸦雀的系统分类 研究. [A systematic review of crow-tits (Paradoxornis) hitherto recorded from China.] 动物学报 [Acta Zool. Sin.], 30 (3): 278-285.
(The first two pages, including the OD of the ssp [on p. 279] can be seen [here].)
This name has been treated as a subjective synonym of Paradoxornis guttaticollis David 1871 by recent workers.


laurent raty
In chronological sequence (each link leads to a page with specimen pics and an access to the OD in pdf), I find:
  1. Dendrocopos leucotos tangi Cheng 1956 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=357 , still Dendrocopos leucotos tangi
  2. Garrulax merulinus taweishanicus Cheng 1960 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=360 , now in the synonymy of Garrulax merulinus obscurus Delacour & Jabouille, 1930
  3. Passer rutilans batangensis Cheng & Tan 1963 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=374 , now in the synonymy of Passer cinnamomeus intensior Rothschild 1922
  4. Garrulax pectoralis pingi Cheng 1963 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=367 , now Garrulax/Ianthocincla pectoralis pingi
  5. Pteruthius flaviscapis lingshuiensis Cheng 1963 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=368 , now Pteruthius flaviscapis/aeralatus lingshuiensis
  6. Ficedula sapphira tienchuanensis Cheng 1964 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=376 , still Ficedula sapphira tienchuanensis
  7. Sitta frontalis chienfengensis Cheng, Ting, & Wang 1964 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=362 , now Sitta solangiae chienfengensis
  8. Lophura nycthemera omeiensis Cheng, Chang & Tang 1964 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=358 , still ]Lophura nycthemera omeiensis
  9. Treron sieboldii fopingensis Cheng, Tan & Sung 1973 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=369 , still Treron sieboldii fopingensis
  10. Paradoxornis paradoxus taipaiensis Cheng, Lo & Chao 1973 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=373 , now Cholornis paradoxus taipaiensis
  11. Pomatorhinus ruficollis hunanensis Cheng 1974 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=378 , still Pomatorhinus ruficollis hunanensis
  12. Dendrocopos major wulashanicus Cheng, Xian, Zhang & Jiang 1975 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=361 , still Dendrocopos major wulashanicus
  13. Tragopan caboti guangxiensis Cheng & Wu 1979 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=370 , still Tragopan caboti guangxiensis
  14. Garrulax galbanus simaoensis Cheng & Tang 1982 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=371 , now Garrulax/Ianthocincla galbanus/courtoisi simaoensis
  15. Paradoxornis zappeyi erlangshanicus Cheng, Li & Zhang 1983 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=356 , now Sinosuthora zappeyi erlangshanica
  16. Paradoxornis flavirostris gongshanensis Cheng 1984 http://museum.ioz.ac.cn/topic_detail.aspx?id=363 , now in the synonymy of Paradoxornis guttaticollis David 1871

He appears NOT to be the author of:
Niltava unicolor diaoluoensis Zheng/Cheng, Yang & Lu 1981, now Cyornis unicolor diaoluoensis.
The first author here is 郑宝赉 = Zheng Bao-lai. No idea if the two 郑 were related.
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