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I am looking for a reasonably priced telephoto lens for my Nikon 990. Does anyone have any recommendations. I have looked at an American lens priced at just over £100 and wondered if anyone had experience of it - Crystalvue optics Sharpshooter 8X32 lens.
Any imput for telephoto lenses would be welcome.
Hope this is a new thread - I could not really find an existing thread although I may be wrong.


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I use the Eagle Eye optic zoom with my 4500 and 885. With a bit of practice you can get excellent results. I think the price is close to £200 but I believe the quality is better than the Crystalvue.

Richard Ford

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There is an existing thread or two covering the Nikon Teleconvertors but i could not find it where i thought it was either, this is perhaps due to some of the site changes occuring recently.
I will point you in the right direction if i find it.

I use the 3X Nikon Teleconvertor (TC3-ED) BTW and am very pleased with it.

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Andy Bright

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My dislike of the Crystalvue and Kenko 8x32 monoculars is fairly well known... I've had both in the last 3 years and was overjoyed when I manage to sell them (interestingly to videocam users, where ultimate quality isn't an issue).
In the £100 bracket you could try the Nikon 2x teleconverter, not in the league of the TC3-ED but not bad... though not much in the way of magnification.
EagleEye 5x is the best one that I've had for over 3x.

I'll try to find the other teleconverter thread..... thing is, it's a bit difficult deciding where threads on teleconverters for digicams should go, not really digiscoping as such but maybe I'll have to get a new sub forum in the Photography section for bird photography with non dslr digital cameras.


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Until recently I had a Eagleeye 5x Optic zoom lens I traded it in.I just could not get on with it.Where the lens had hardly any thread to connect it to the camera I found when trying to focus it the lens would unscrew itself from the camera!!.Focusing the Eagleeye was near impossible ,also the step ring would go on so tight I could not get it off without damaging it.In the end I sold it with the step ring still attached.My advice stay well clear & go for one of the Nikon teleconverters.

Dave Smith

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I would hold fire on that one for the moment. I ordered one on Ebay 5 weeks ago. The money left my account within 24 hours but I still await delivery. I am in email contact with the seller and will report here if and when I get a satisfactory outcome.


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JWM i was considering the eagle eye 5x but after stevo has had trouble i will get the nikon tcd3ed Park cameras are doing this at £189 Jessops should match this ,the EBAY nikon converters come from America so you have to add postage £10


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I ordered my Nikon X3 lens last Thursday and received delivery today April 7th. Excellent service I thought. The cost was £159 plus £10 post, packaging etc. I ordered through e-bay from a UK company.


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Just noticed your remark about Jessops. I have a contact and they could not match the e-bay price, if this is any help.

Martin Jones

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Interesting guys,you all seem to have missed my ad for the NIKON DIGI gear, there is a x3 NIKON tele lens, that I could sell separately,its 3 months old £120 but then its more fun buying new from a shop with the hastle!!!



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Whoopps!! egg on my face. Still not over enamoured with the lens after initial use!!

Walther Loff

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Reading this tread and re-acted from previous discussions in this group, I have contacted the guys and purchased the new released KDT60 = 6X converter designed for the Coolpix 9xx and other that uses a 28mm mount. (89.00 Pounds)
This unit is still in the mail, but will let you know the results when I have it in my hot little hands.
I have learned over time NOT to follow the bad experiences of others of various brands and models.... it is like marriage.... one person is not fit for the other, yet very happy and accomodating to a different partner :) is an UK seller...
I have read reports of all the forementioned lenses with good results, it depends what your criteria is and how you evaluate the lens and perhaps the skill of the person behind the camera has a lot to do with the end results.... Banana trees dont produce apples....


Walther Loff

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To give further comments about all those converter lenses, I do recall that in order to produce good results, the camera has to be in the MACRO MODE, the AF in continious, and use the LCD to focus the subject through the teleconverter.
I do have the Nikon 2X converter setup and not happy with the magnification ( a waist of funds as for what MY NEEDS ARE) and it could very well end up on ebay.
The 19mm lens is an asset I use almost 90% when I am not birding with my Coolpix5000.
I use at times a homebuild bracket with mechanical cable release and also the Nikon electronic release depends on the situation.
I have also followed some treads in the Yahoo groups where old camera telephoto lenses have been used as such with great results ( making a mount was the problem for most)
Now I will get of my high stool :)


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I have had some success with the 2X Kenko - I posted an image (Gallery) of a baby Pine Siskin taken with my CP 4500 and the 2X Kenko. I was rather close to the bird though! Cost me about $50.00 Canadian from Ebay. It was new though.
Worth the money I think.


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I use a EagleEye 5x Zoom and have no problem with lens uncoupling while focusing. It's a little bit of a learning curve but I'm satisfied with my results. Some of the shots in my gallery are through the 5 x. I believe the "Mourning Dove" is one of them, Fox Sparrow, Night Sky, Cardinal female, Pheasant cock, all 5x shots, just checked to make certain.
I found the large lens of the 3ED a "handling" problem, the 5x is just tube like and easier for me to work around.
Good luck with either one you choose!
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