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I just took these horrible bad pictures this morning before dawn along the sea..

I can't really figure out if this is a Common or Arctic Tern.. Both of them rare around this time of the year..

Can anyone with more experience than me from the jizz/bill/colours give an ID on this?

I have attached a lot of pictures, maybe one of them will give a sure ID..



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Some more pictures


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I have here as well attached 2 pictures of a different bird, passing around an hour later, much closer to the beach.. This looks like a Common Tern based on bill and wing pattern, but the lack of black line along backside of underwing makes me wonder Arctic anyway?


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Both Arctic for me and still very young birds too. Note the broad white trailing edge to the secondaries. Interestingly such late 1cy terns at the Baltic Sea more commonly are Arctics...


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Hi Roland

Thanks for your help..

Yes, here in this region of Poland the last Common Terns usually leaves around middle of September and later in the fall, it's usually 1K Arctic, even they are rare.. So happy to get even 2 of them in the same morning.. :)