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Texas coastal woody marsh kingbird (1 Viewer)


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Is this bird a western kingbird? The photo was taken in October 2013 at Paradise Pond in Port Aransas, TX. My guide book doesn't show the breast blotch on any of the kingbirds.


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That's a seriously bright kingbird, we need to consider Tropical and Couch's from the extent of that colouration up the chest. Also see the greenish on the breast area.

Any side views of the head would be extremely helpful.


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That is an odd kingbird. The all white outer web on the outer tail feathers is found only in Western, but the bill looks too large, the yellow too rich, and the white grayish throat too restricted for Western. I'm thinking possibly a Western X Tropical/Couch's hybrid. Kingbirds in Tyrannus are known to hybridize to some extent.



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Can Tropical and Couch's never show this white feathering in any circumstance? I don't see a lot else suggesting Western.

EDIT: Some pics I turned up via google search:

labelled as Couch's:

There are many photos showing this, less Tropicals showing it. Are they all hybrids or could this just be an odd variation or wearing?
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More pix, but probably not enlightening. Maybe you experts can glean something.


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It just seems like a bird that's the furthest you can get from a non-Western yellow kingbird. I'd have thought a hybrid would at least look more intermediate between the two, and not as strongly towards Couch's/tropical.

tom baxter

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I am with Silverwolf, the head definitely looks wrong for Western in my opinion. And like he says the white outter web on the tail feathers is certainly a Western field mark. Tough one.
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