Than I have Seen This Fall (1 Viewer)

I have lived through many Autumns some sixty i recall
But i have never seen more butterflies and dragonflies than i have seen this Fall
They come out in the sunshine between the showers of rain
And when the sky clouds over and rain drizzles down they disappear again
Perhaps to shelter from the rain as we do 'tis an amazing sight
To see so many flying insects in the Autumn sunlight
Dragonflies of many a shape and size and millions of white butterflies
Above the roadways, parks and gardens so many of them Nature never ceases to surprise
Dead butterflies on the streets and roadways the passing cars on them take toll
At most as butterflies they live only a few days perhaps too tiny to have a soul
Some say the recent heavy flooding to the huge population of flying insects has given rise
Yet there is more to Nature than ever meets our eyes
I have seen many Seasons and of years lived for more than three score
But more dragonflies and butterflies i have never seen before.

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