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Having not had much success with placing apples in the garden at winter before, I wasn't expecting much this winter. But this time it worked!

It started with a flock of 30 Bohemian Waxwings coming to feed on them a couple of days ago - what a sight!
Then the Blackbird started to take an interest, and now we also have a Fieldfare on a daily apple diet. Although the Waxwings are gone, except one, so now we have an apple trio: Blackbird, Fieldfare and Waxwing, all seemingly accepting eachother at feeding time.

The sun is shining at the moment, and I'm thinking of going down to Dalälven today, too. I felt really great all day yesterday, so it seems a great cure for winter dejection. :)


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Hi Artifex

Well done attracting the the large numbers of Waxwings as you have. You have 3 bird species for the price of 1 bird species, going on. I have to say that is something else. So what you have tried to achieve has worked with the apples. ;)

Just to see Fieldfares is something else, and of course, how can a Blackbird resist an apple. They like their fruit. :-O

Great all round action there. I liked reading your report a lot - well written indeed. :t:

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