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The Buddleia Feeder (1 Viewer)

chris baker

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I have 2 large Buddleia bushes in my garden, which I admit, I curse every spring when seedlings shoot up everywhere, but not anymore. This year more than any other (that I've noticed) it has provided food for many birds. I've had up to 6 bullfinches at one time feeding on it, 8 Siskin at one time and most of the tit family though I haven't seen all of them eating from it.
For the past week I've kept a careful eye on it and the list for just those bushes is:
Great, Blue and Coal Tit
Green, Bull, Gold and Chaffinch
House and Hedge Sparrow
Jay, Redwing, Siskin and Blackbird.

Bearing in mind you get the flowers in the Summer that attract butterflies on top of feeding the birds in the winter, it's a winner all round for me. It should be pruned right back in the spring so it all fits in quite nicely for leaving the seed heads through the winter--bargain! Bring on the Buddleia!

I've attached a couple of pics taken during the last week.


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Fabulous photographs, especially when showing the frost. Just wish I had these on my Buds....not a thing this winter :storm:


turkish van

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Loving those pictures!

Just going to nip down the garden centre....

Do you know which species they are? Or what is the flower colour?
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2spot Ladybird

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turkish van said:
Loving those pictures!

Just going to nip down the garden centre....

Do you know which species they are? Or what is the flower colour?

Looks like Buddleia Davidii to me which is the best for attracting butterflies. Buddleias can get really big, 10ft height and spread for the ordinary Buddleia Davidii but this comes in cultivars that don't get too big if you've got a small garden. For smaller gardens look for Buddleia Davidii 'Nanho Blue' (comes in purple and white too, height and spread 5ft if unpruned) or the 'Pixie' cultivar (Pixie Blue, red or white) height and spread 6ft if left unpruned.

Chris, another great plant for attracting butterflies is Verbena Bonariensis and Goldfinches love the seed, I had eight on mine today. You never know, the Bullfinches might like it too.

turkish van

Number 1 celebrity badger
Thanks Ladybird your knowledge is appreciated. I did a bit of research and that species seems to be among the most popular. I found a post from another knowledgable person about pruning, planting etc that species

http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=34908&highlight=buddleia (post #3)

which is very helpful.

Just wait till next year - I'll have pics like that...
Had a couple of siskins on the feeders this morning and bullfinches around yesterday, so the future's orange....
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