The Day That Old Jack Died (1 Viewer)

The cold north winds of January blew across the Countryside
And Clara wore his hat of snow on the day that old Jack died
Old Jack our brave brown cattle dog we never more would see
We buried him in the backyard by the sycamore tree
Where he often had lain and slept when the sun was in the sky
In his latter years years for an hour or two in weather warm and dry,
We found him dead in the coal shed he had turned fourteen years
A sad day for the family we farewelled him in tears
To us boys he was more than a dog he was a devoted friend
And to us he remained faithful right till his very end
We hunted with him as schoolboys and with other dogs he fought
And a sense of adventure and excitement into our young lives he brought,
I have seen a bit of life since then and I have travelled far and wide
And more than forty years in time has passed since the day that old Jack died.

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