The Days Of Burning Of Fossil Fuels

The days of burning of fossil fuels could be coming to an end
A far cleaner source of power in the sun and the wind
Climate change speeded up by global warming almost out of control
With more droughts and famines of human populations taking toll
With hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes wreaking havoc Worldwide
By Nature's great anger millions of dreams being destroyed
And with more stories of disasters and floodings and fire
We are paying the price for stoking Nature's ire,
Due to our disrespect for Nature and our arrogance and greed
For the scourge of Global Warming we have helped to plant the seed
And I like all others must share in the blame
For our wars waged on Nature for want of a better name.


Nature addict
Well put.
I doubt though that humans will overcome their greed.
We will use the alternatives for oil and such only when the resources will be depleted.
But maybe Mother nature took her revenge on us before that.
I guess it will be the latter.