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The Fuji FinePix HS10 (1 Viewer)

Fuji Finepix HS10 30x
I'm going back home to West Australia for an environmental photographic holiday of six weeks, my wife has never been to Australia but she's also a mad photographer and is very excited about seeing all the wonderful things I have boasted about over these past seven years. We both have identical cameras, the Fuji FinePix S5600 and they have been fantastic cameras for our hobby, however I thought seeing as this will be our last big holiday (were both in our seventies) it would be wonderful to have a more up to date camera to take those difficult pictures that I knew would frustrate me in the outback. On Wednesday the 25th, five days ago we went to Chester, and visited Jessops the camera specialists, and I was smitten by the Fuji FinePix HS10. The camera cost £325 00 and all told with the extras it came to £380 00. Even now I have a terrible guilt feeling at spending so much money because we are both pensioners on the most basic pension, but the camera is so revolutionary and so ideal for my needs that I am overcoming any regrets I have. Thankfully we had a bit of success with selling my Streptocarpus plants at a couple of recent Car-boot sales, (I create my own plants by cross pollinating), this contributed to the cost of the camera. I always wanted a telescope to take those wonderful pictures that are shown on this forum, but the hauling around those scopes and tripods and the setting them up didn't appeal to me. Now with this camera with it's 30x zoom I am almost able to compete with those scopes, and on top of that I have the added pleasure of quickly reverting to super macro and taking those minute creatures that fly around ones feet when taking zoom pictures.
Two days after getting the camera, a juvenile Sparrowhawk landed in the garden about 20 feet away and just sat there posing for me, I couldn't believe it because these birds are normally so shy. I experimented while taking its picture, zooming in and out and even getting good pictures when changing to Macro. We fly out of Manchester Airport on the 15th of September and return on the 1st of November and it will take me way past Christmas to edit all the picture we intend taking. My external hard-drive will be part of my luggage along with 4gig memory sticks and cards.


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Well-known member
Well done with our camera.

I did get this a few months ago when it first came out on QVC but there was just something about me and the zoom and I ended up swearing at it most of the time. It sure photographs better in your hands than it did mine. With QVC havin a 30day money back guarantee I sent it back.
Enjoy your stay.


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Oh good grief, what a shame, so sad you couldn't handle the zoom. Once I had this in my hands I had it welded to myself, to me it's the greatest thing since Jam and Bread and just you wait and see when I post those wonderful pictures of the Splended Wren.


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Today is the twenty seconed of November and I have been back from Australia since the first. Sadly my computer crashed as soon as I started it up and its only been a week since it was fixed. Now I am busy trying to sort out and edit the twenty thousand pictures my wife and I took. There are some terrific pictures amongst them and I shall be posting a lot of them here in the blog, so please be patient dear friends ther's a lot of work to do.


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Glad to see you back. shame about the computer at least it has been fixed. The same thing happened to mine about 2 years ago, ok before the holiday but wouldnt go afterwards [mind you it was about 9 year old] so it had to be replaced and then within weeks Ians started making strange rubbery smells thakfully he managed to save all his photos but had to get a new one for himself.

I thought Ian always came back with tons of pictures but I suppose you were away about 6 weeks. Look forwards to seeing them.
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