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The Gambia, late 2011/early 2012 (1 Viewer)

Vectis Birder

Itchy feet
I am planning to go to The Gambia next winter, maybe sometime in November, December or January 2012. It's very much in the planning stages atm but I'd welcome company if anyone's interested in meeting up and sharing guides and helping keep bumsters at bay! Obviously, I'll come up with a more concrete date later.
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Dave Williams

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The bumsters are not really in evidence of late so they don't present too much of a problem. If you have a camera,bins or a scope the bird guides give you more hassle.
You might like to consider http://www.hiddengambia.com/ if you are travelling alone. Their up river trip sounds fantastic and I would have gone with them had it not been for discovering them until after I had booked my package tour. They are a tad expensive compared to a package that includes flights but you get meals and guides included in the up river accommodation and I will certainly consider them next time I go.

Dave Williams

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We have been to Goa in early November for the last two years and have been caught out by the rainy season lasting longer than expected. The same happened in The Gambia last year. Personally, I would wait until towards the end of November or even later.
November often has the best deals on price though !

Vectis Birder

Itchy feet
Looks like it'll be a toss-up between iffy weather and price, especially as flight prices are going up thanks to the cost of aviation fuel. Must admit, though, that birding in sunshine has more appeal than birding in the wet, especially as I want to photograph what I see.


Stealth Birder
Members from the tolka branch of Birdwatch Ireland often go out to the Gambia, usually early on in the year. It could be worth contacting them to see if they have a trip planned for 2012. I know they recently got back from a successful trip a few weeks ago.




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I have booked on hidden gambia as mentioned by rioja above between 16th and 30th November

Happy to share a room to reduce the single supplement if you or anyone else can do those dates.


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I've also have been looking at the Gambia for a birding holiday it looks fab ..Money is always an issue if i can get OH to get a passport and save up the gambia would be my first choice but he keeps saying he's not going untill he has a 500mm lense arghhhhh
I hope you have a great time and if i win the lottery this week i will go with you lol


Leave the world slightly better than you found it,
I did gambia last year and had a fantastic time. I photographed 144 species in a week 125 of which were new to me. I have the contact details of Modu of a great birdguides if you need one. He is known as the best!

I may go in January if things pan out the way i want them to this year

check out my web site www.ornithography.com

Steve G

If you want breeding plumage Bishops and a good chance of Crowned Cranes and Egyptian Plover then try to go before mid-November.

A few years back I went upriver with the Hidden Gambia -the boat trip from Kuntaur to Georgetown through the River Gambia National Park is simply stunning. If you go before November the heron rookeries will still be active with good numbers of Black Egrets, Intermediate Egrets, Purple & Squacco herons amongst others. There is also a good chance of African Finfoot.

The Gambia is a great venue for experiencing a good cross-section of African birds but also has some "specials" which are difficult to see elsewhere. There is more than enough to keep you busy within an hour drive from the hotels whilst an upriver trip will add some really choice stuff.

Hi, I'm going with Birdfinders from 11th-25th november and would also be happy to share, to save the single supplement. This is half board and all tours etc covered. Having read the field guide and now just seen the excellent trip report posted earlier, with stunning photos as well, I'm even more excited about finally getting to go some 20 years after I had first looked at doing so.
Dave Jackson, Norfolk.

Lichfield Birder

...should've been here 5 minutes ago, mate....

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