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The Highlands and Islands Thread (1 Viewer)


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And still the migrants keep coming! Haven't seen this many Fieldfares and Redwings for at least 6, maybe 7 years. Incredible.


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From Ardersier point to Ness Islands. Not since 2009 have I seen such an abundance. One Tree had 200+ in.
Iceland Gull, Lossiemouth

Had this ID on the forum, was seen yesterday, Thursday, around 1530, was showing quite well opposite the caravan park on the estuary before being spooked by a dog jumping in to the river, (with owner stood by). Didn't pick it up agaim after they settled.



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John Bullfinch

John Bullfinch
Hi, On the basis the female Osprey has today returned to Loch Garten (Hurray) does this mean the RSPB will open up the visitor centre or do we have to wait till April (when it is scheduled to open)?

Cheers, John


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What a day.
Guests drove up from Newcastle for a birding weekend, so decided to hit them with the best locations for some of their 'must see' species.

In Aviemore for 730am. Straight to Peregrines and Pied Flycatchers. Nicely done, then off to the Loch Garten, for Redstart and Crested Tits. Took literally ten seconds to get Redstart (Nemesis I defeat you!) Then an hour before we found Cresties. Nicely done.

Then, into Inverness for Cuckoo, out to Ruthven for Slav Grebes, then Hen Harrier between Ruthven and Lairg.

Last up, Black Throated Divers who happily sailed around Little Loch Shin for the guests with the ospreys once again further into the Loch area. A very, very long but productive day.

Where did you see the Pied Flycatchers, pal? That's a bird my father and I have always wanted to see and believe it or not, we are heading to Aviemore next week! Would love to hear some more information, thanks.

Nick Smith

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Where did you see the Pied Flycatchers, pal? That's a bird my father and I have always wanted to see and believe it or not, we are heading to Aviemore next week! Would love to hear some more information, thanks.

Too early I'm afraid. Try May time


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Too early I'm afraid. Try May time

Yeah I made the mistake of thinking you posted your sightings yesterday, not last year. Should have read more carefully.

In any case, still very much looking forward to the trip. Beginning of April is not the worst time to be heading up so I am hopeful of seeing a few things!
Mull Great Northern Roost

If you are on Mull overnight, make sure to catch the night roost of the Great Northern Divers, over 60 birds on and around Eorsa and the bay it sits in.

Hi Ratal,

Picked up your old thread. I'm heading to Mull for 2 nights beginning May 2017. Really like to see GND in summer plumage.

Can you give me any idea of the time of evening the roost collected/ or dispersed in morning. It might help me to maximise my limited time on Island. Was thinking of camping at Fionnphort (ready for Iona Corncrakes) but in light of this new gem of info I may have to relocate camp spot.



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Hope this is the right thread for advice on where to look for the Black Duck at Strontian. We return from the Uists on 19 May and the ferry now docks at Mallaig. We thought about a detour to Strontian to look for the Black Duck. Any advice as to the best places to look for it would be very much appreciated. Thanks. Roger

Farnboro John

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Look from the high viewpoint by the shop with the petrol pumps, that gives the best view of the rivermouth area.

Be aware that it may be quite close to the shop so its easy to look straight over it with bins!

Good luck



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Thanks for all your advice. Hope it stays a few weeks longer until I come back from North Uist. A Birder I know we ll told me he was fairly sure he saw a Hawfinch yesterday near the gliding club at Feshiebridge. I didn't know they were this far north. Anyone know if they are. Regards Roger

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