The Old Hills Of Sherbrooke (1 Viewer)

The old hills of Sherbrooke of tall mountain ash trees
In fancy I hear the laughter of the kookaburra echoing in the breeze
Blowing through the high wooded country from here far away
But great memories of such beauty are with me today,
The call of the whipbird so whip like and clear,
The wild birds of Sherbrooke in fancy I do hear
The song of the lyrebird one born to imitate
The songs of his neighbours in song he celebrate,
For beauty with the crimson rosellas few could hope to compare
On the high woods of Sherbrooke these birds are nor rare
And the beautiful king parrots live up to their name
On the backyard bird feeders they seem almost tame
And the grey butcherbird and the grey and the pied currawong
Birds familiar to Sherbrooke and known by their song.

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