The Old Pale Eyed Crow (1 Viewer)

On top of the gum tree the old pale eyed crow
Is talking to his neighbours of his kind of what they would know
Perhaps he is saying to them if this way you do fly
I will show you where food is to here 'tis nearby
Low in rank as songsters but of corvids 'tis known
That when it comes to intelligence in a class of their own
All species of corvids are clever most bird lovers agree
They will not have an argument on that from me
The survival skills of corvids never cease to surprise
Proof of such I have seen with my own eyes
To soften to eat I've seen them soaking hard bread in water believe that if you may
From Nature we learn something new every day
And the pale eyed crow cawing atop the tall gum tree
There's more to it far more than the eyes can see.

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