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Apologies that I am quite sure on these and hopefully I am right, but confirmation improves my confidence and will mean less postings in the future. A curlew rather than a whimbrel by longish curved bill, not bent, and no obvious eye stripe. A flock of eider duck. A swallow by its black patch below its face, which I think is a clear marker, and the rock pipit, best shot I have got of this bird, as 99/100 pipits seem to be meadow, but clear dark markings are obvious. Coming to the end of my posts soon so thank you for any help.


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Yes to Rock Pipit, Curlew and Swallow

The ducks I'd say are Common Scoter - the density of the flock is the best feature here as they are so distant it's not easy to make out details. Eiders tend to feed in more scattered flocks. There's also one (red arrow, below) which I think is probably a Velvet Scoter - note the white bar on the wing. Too distant to be 100% sure though.


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