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We live in a small town, so we have to collect our mail from the post office, for this reason I go for a short walk around town almost every day in order to collect it. This also presents me with the opportunity to see some birds. Today looked to be pretty unimpressive because of a bit of wind, I was halfway there when I saw a soaring shape in the distance. Instantly I knew it was a large bird of prey. I tried to snap a couple of shots, it almost looked to be something new, the sun was lighting up what appeared to be strong white bars on the top of the wings.

I ran to get passed some trees in order to get closer and a more unobstructed view, however, when I got there, somehow the bird had magically dissapeared. The dissapointment was huge, I couldn't believe it. I waited a few minutes to see if it would reappear but soon continued on my walk. It was when I got to the corner of the main street that I saw it again, approaching quite low and I realised that the patches that I thought were white, were actually golden and it was without a doubt a first year wedge-tailed eagle. Not a lifer liked I'd hoped it would be, but still always a treat to see. It came in closer, circling slowly, everyone else on the street seemed oblivious, how they were missing out ;) Suddenly, a brave little magpie started diving and mobbing the wedgie, who seemed almost completely unfazed by the whole deal. Then out of the corner of my eye, noticed that the wedgie wasn't alone, and a second wedge-tail came circling in, the first one climbed to joined it and I watched them soar close together for a minute or two before they glided their way across to the other side of town.

What's interesting is, is that I was thinking as I was watching them, that the last time I saw a wedgie above town, it was also a windy day. I mentioned that I saw some to my mum's partner when I got home, and he said that the east wind (that we don't usually get) blows them out this way more, coincidence? I guess it's possible that that's the pattern to it.

Anyway, a couple of photos, the first I've also uploaded to the gallery, magpie mobbing the wedge-tail, and the second is to prove that I saw two together :p


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I've seen wedgies alot before and they always strike me as the most magnificent of birds. I saw one sitting on a hill once, and at first I thought it was a raven (i know, crazy huh?) but then it took off and it was so huge!

I am also certain that i saw an albino once, but i can't be sure, because the birds around it didn't seem fazed that it was there. Or maybe they didn't recognise it ;)

Anyway, hope you see more of them!!



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An albino wedgie, now that would be cool ;)

Thanks, they're always a real treat to see.

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