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Thoughts ? on Binocular Colors (1 Viewer)

Binoculars are a tool, but there's no harm in having a touch of aesthetic to one's tools, particularly for things that we tend to try to protect from mud and banging-up at least a little. Patterns are a nice way to do that.

As to the sand-colored binoculars evidently being more popular with women, I'd think maybe that was the result of quite a few women going "ah, finally, something other than that ugly green that all my husband's gear is!", or maybe just going into it with no preconceived notion of ignoring aesthetics like men sometimes seem to do.

I don't know that anyone picks that particular shade of generic-camo-green because they find it especially nice to look at. Someone ought to manufacture some binoculars in nicer green shades; the green in this picture @tehri linked is nice, and I can't see that scaring away any birds. Even in habitats without much green around, it's not nearly as attention-getting a color as an orange or pink.
' I got the burnt orange Swarovski NLs... Features like bright-coloured binos help to connect the names to the faces when you spot the people ; I recently got acquainted with a bunch of respected birdwatchers and think I left a good impression of myself.
Some fear the bright colours scare the birds away, but I'm usually clad in some pretty bright clothes or accessories anyway, so I don't think it matters. '
Unfortunately, this bunch of birdwatchers is no longer there, vanished, to tell about this encounter, and the impression you left !! 🧐 .......


Sorry buddy, I couldn't resist ! Lol ! 😜
By the way, also really like that burnt orange shade !!
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Unfortunately, this band of birdwatchers is no longer there, vanished, to tell about this encounter, and the impression you left !! 🧐

Sorry buddy, I couldn't resist ! Lol ! 😜
By the way, also really like that burnt orange shade !!
I was prepared for someone to joke about giving the impression of a clown, but the picture caught me off guard. Good one. :ROFLMAO:
I highly doubt the word of my existence spread from my binos but rather from my enthusiasm and observations.
Being more traditional, I surprised myself when I ordered my Curios and selected the burnt orange/silver version. I liked the contasting colors on this, rather than solid black which was the other Curio option. However, I ended up exchanging the Curio for the Victory VP, because the Curios were just too small for me to keep steady. The irony of it is that the Victory VP is all black.
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Initially, my reaction to the burnt orange color was a firm "No," but it seems to have grown on me and I'd consider it - if I had any need for another binocular.

Clear skies, Alan
Blue Leicas. I think these are positively cool
I just stumbled upon a claim that this special model was more than just a color variation:
"The 7 x 42 BN Marine incorporates special scratch resistant, salt-water proof coatings to provide maximum protection even after repeated exposure to heavy seas."
I wonder whether this may have been one of the first hydrophobic coatings, or something else.
(Source: Company Seven | Leica 7 x 42 BN Marine Binocular Set)
I don't mind a variety of colours, it's the optical quality which I go for, but I can see both sides of the argument for colours other than black/green. I used to be a member of a model boat club, most people had their models in grey boxes, chaos descended most meeting's as everyone sorts out who's box is who's. I painted mine red to stand out and never had the problem, pack away quickly and vanish! Binoculars as a fashion statement might bring more sales but to me it shouts 'look at me, I'm expensive', but then again less easy to misplace or someone to wander off with them.

As long as the owner is happy the colour is somewhat irrelevant.
Well, there's a UV 8x20 that's very very colored on the bay... Can't manage to copy a picture here per mobile... You'll spot it
This question is justified and I think it's like with flashlights. Both these are mostly in black, but why?
When it comes to binoculars I am doubtful about red, yellow or orange. But Vortex and Swarovski have a very nice green color on the most of their models. I prefer this color.
I don't really care for 'loud' appearances on anything, but if I'm going to buy it I'd like it to look soberly attractive. No fashion statements coming from my car, guitar, clothes or binoculars necessary.
, but white binoculars would be ridiculous.
I regularly see white binoculars
At least two frequent visitors to the reserve where I volunteer wear them.
It’s an odd β€œlook” but each to their own.
One day I’ll have the chance to check which manufacturer

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