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Thrush ID Long Island NY (1 Viewer)


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I found a dead thrush on my back deck; I think it hit a glass window. I'm not a serious birder but I like to identify the birds I see in the garden. We've never seen a thrush in the garden before, and when I looked up the possibilities I was unable to tell which kind of thrush it is. Can anyone identify it for me? As far as I can tell online it's probably a wood thrush or a hermit thrush, or just possibly a Swainson's thrush.

Location is on the north shore of Long Island, in Huntington, about two miles from the sea, in a fairly woody residential street.

Thanks for any help.



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It looks very like a thrush, but this is actually an Ovenbird - a kind of warbler.


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Thank you! Looking at some pictures online I see that's what it is. For future reference, in case I see another one, what identifying marks should I look for?



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As you can see in the second photo, the orange and black marks on an ovenbird's cap are not nearly as tidy and obvious as may appear in bird books, but that is the key feature.

Suspect an ovenbird if your "thrush" is hiding in thick brush. Our true thrushes tend to watch you from a fairly open perch, often near eye level, and usually slightly too far away for a good photo :)

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