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Thrush Nightingale and Blyth's Reed Warbler Art <3 (1 Viewer)

Hello! I am a HUUUGE fan of Blyth's Reed Warbler and Thrush Nightingale and my main mission every year is to record their songs every night between May to June at 23am till 3am and then I illustrate the audios with images + bird onomatopoeia with the best parts in their song :D. Hope You like these :). I have been doing this for 5-6 years now. As BRWs are the most rhythmic and melodic birds ever in my country, it's always a mission to get as many different BRWs as I can in 2-3 weeks. I always am surprised what cool beats they do! They sing so little time in Estonia... I always feel heartbroken when I cannot hear anymore their songs when the time is over and have to wait 12 months for new season. This Year I got 12 diff nightingales and 13 different BRWs, around 23 hours of audio! Eagerly am waiting new season <3. Every bird gets named so I know which one I have already "got" and which one is new. I name them after their song and sometimes the location. Sometimes I animate them too, with animated onomatopoeia to show the coolest parts the bird makes and with the bird itself! Viiiido!
Friido.png Madli2022.png
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Here is the Meeko the BRW animation I currently am working on. It was on pause while I collected new bird songs, now i have more time to finish this. Such moments are the reason why I am so so so in love with this bird and their songs and what motivates me to animate.

And if you guys are curious, this is my animation progress, here is Biarko the Thrush nightingale doing his "vipp vipp vippoo" what is very iconic TNG song part <3
Sorry... I have no idea where can I edit the previous post... I tried to look and I could not find edit button. I apologise...

Here I made a sound test of BRW song, by extracting different sounds from it, sometimes even sliced bigger sounds into smaller pieces. Maybe it helps ornithologists and hobby birders to id different mimicry this species does. As sometimes it's harder to ID them when bird sings and all sounds are together and bird ID machine gives BRW. When I have heard the sounds seperate I can rememeber that ahhaa this bird i have heard somewhere. Plus I am also interested too what mimicry they catch up to make these epic tempos :D

Thrush nightingales are baaack which means I can record their epic songs and do amazing art of them!

Here is the current collection. Each TNG gets a name what describes them in a way and drawn onomatopoeia what shows his unique parts

Thrush Nightingale (Luscinia Luscinia)

Speedy the Thrush Nightingale 30.04.2024

Tilks the Thrush Nightingale 4.05.2024

Rütmik the Thrush Nightingale 6.05.2024

Tjükk-Njuuksem the Thrush Nightingale 6.05.2024

Tilks the Thrush Nightingale 12.05.2024 Revisit
2 new TNGs collected! So far 7 fantastic nightingales share their wonderful songs with You all!
I love this addiction haha. I also get to exercise a lot cause I need to walk a lot xD. Rütmik is this years favourite nightingale <3

I am honoured to let you all know that BRWs are BACK!!! 4 days earlier than in 2023 and I am in HEAVEN!! (I use my thread as to show art + also the beautiful song of a BRW) As the video has my drawn art already on it :), so it's like 2 in 1!

Tiivo Jr 19.05.2024

Niidius 20.05.2024
This is a great thread -- for appreciating art and for learning birdsong! The song analysis sound by sound is especially nice and very interesting. I haven't had the time to go through everything yet, but I think I will be returning here now and in the future. Nice pictures in the animations and videos! (Some of the Twitter links don't work, and I can't access the content.) (I think that the cutoff for editing one's posts is 24 h, but just post a new one if the time is out.)

Wish I had Blyth's Reed Warbler, too -- maybe I'll be able to hear one more easily if I'm more accustomed to their songs**. I live within a patch of Common Nightingales next to Thrush Nightingale territory, which is situated mostly to the north and east, and, every year, there's at least one Thrush Nightingale among the local Common Nightingales (overall, they seem to occupy slightly different habitats). Here are two of my recordings of Thrush Nightingales from Warsaw area from previous years that I think are mixed singers borrowing some phrases from Common Nightingale. This year, I've been wondering how far the local Common Nightingale zone reaches if I only count roughly adjacent territories, though it will take more time to determine. Apart from both nightingale species, I also like Icterine Warbler and Marsh Warbler, and would certainly like Blyth's Reed Warbler, too (also because finding one nearby would be rather improbable).
There is some interesting information about mimicry with examples here:

EDIT: I wonder if sound No. 130 from post #6 (tuvai tuvai tutu) could be borrowed from Marsh Warbler's za-wee (I took the onomatopoeia from the link above)?? No. 134 (Iuuuuu tsih) could be from Starling's song? Some other songs also seemed to have something that sounded like Great Tit, Common Whitethroat, Magpie or Jackdaw, though I don't know it for a fact.

EDIT 2: Some programs could help with the identification of some but not all song snippets, but they do make mistakes, and it might need to be checked with the sonogram, and, then, it may take a lot of time, so not sure if it's worth it.

EDIT 3: In Tiivo Jr's performance (post #11), I think I can hear an owl from around 16:10, not sure which one. There's also a nice link about owls from the same source as the link about reed warblers above:
I wonder whether it could be the same type of sound as that in recording CD2-61: Long-eared Owl.

**Looks like I might need this one!
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Wooah an owl? I didnt even notice that! That is amazing. What an awesome read! Thank you for the cool inputs! I once even did videos of extracting BRW song into pieces to see can bird ID programs ID the parts BRWs did.

To find BRWs, check around the country areas like roads what have bunch of tall grass, bushes, ditches what have bushes in it, gardens, graveyard. They like to sing in bushes or lilac bushes, i rarely hear em in a tree.

Also some BRWs activate 23:07, some activate 0:07, some even after 1am.

I have like over 8 videos to do so there will be more BRWs TNG and Marshies

The "iuuuuu tsih" now I do kinda hear a starling part, when they begin their songs with the "Viuviuu "Viuuuuuuuuuuuu" parts.

Ah yes the Marsh warbler what i have here also did the tuvai" part as to me it sounded like a tramboline jump sfx :D.

BRWs DO love to mix Great tits in it, especially their alarm call "Wrärärär" and the "Stjuu-pi" (What sounds like g tit says "stupid") and "Tibutibu"

I also can report a FIRST THING what has ever happened to me with BRWs this year:
last year there was a BRW I recorded around same time (24-26 may) named Scorch:

And this year I heard a 6th BRW... AND I RECOGNIZE HIS SONG!! He does the same parts Scorch did last year!!! (I sadly have No idea to tell is it Scorch or one of his kids) BUT THE "Pitsevooo tsert, dar dar" I heard this year 1:1 and "Iuuuuuu tsik" "Viiviiveu" and "Chauviii" and "Tsiii kee ta kee" part and so on. I have NEVER had this happen before and this was a 2nd time this year I recognize a BRW song from last year (1st was Tiivo Jr, he gave me vibes of Tiivo)

Especially the "Via tuk tuk vit (without the cuss word vitupää lol)
And the "Vidugei viduvää" "nii ta tantsib" and "ööbii-tututikkuri" and "Punime tsii punime"

Atm I have collcted:
10 TNG
3 Marshies
1 Grasshopper warbler

Also a first Marsh Warbler this year. I get them less than BRW here..

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New BRWs! (I have more audios than I could do videos, art and render lol)


Fraadi (25 and 26 may)

May 26

Current leaderbird (ha did a bird pun instead of board)

10 TNG (Thrush Nightingale)
9 BRW (Blyth's reed warbler)
5-6 MW (I still have the audios to go through but man 1 day there was like 4 marsh warblers)
1 Common grasshopper warbler
New epic BRWs are in town! Been sooo busy trying to track down as maaany BRWs as I can every night.

These ones are quite the rhythmic ones, especially the last 3!

Slow starter, but he probably just needed a bit of bird coffee to get started :3

Even if he wasn't constantly on beat, he still did some quite epic parts, such as the skrillex inspired KHRRILL KHHRÖLL parts <3.

Another epic singer who did some unique combos such as the "zaviizaviizaTiluliluli" part which I loved. And yess this guy does the "vhii darr darr" which I ALWAYS hope most BRWs add into their songs! It's my most favourite chunk next to bassy "drrn drrn" sounds

Man this guy was a first highlight of my year who made so many melodic rhythms such as the "Tibutibu trt trt trt niivõõõi" everytime i smiled when he started to do this chunk. Another epic part was slightly Michael jackson sounding "Shivivi tuktuk RAH RAH tuk tuk" it somehow had that beat and the slighty echo even added to the MJ feeling. I myself stood far away while I recorded so I did not hear it, but when i listened the audio, then I found out what cool part this is. I do apologise for some of the interference (luckily it was bit by bit and not a whole time!!) somehow wind blew this near my Tascam so it sometimes buzzed, but it isnt luckily too bad. I have had WORSE interferences where one of my starling audio had constant EEEEEEEEEEE on bg :'(.

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