To Them We Are Food (1 Viewer)

Since they cannot eat grass or seeds they can only eat meat
The animals, reptiles, fish and birds of prey they must kill for to eat
And if they they don't eat then they will not live
The innocent killers don't have sins to forgive
The big cats and hyaenas, the fierce crocodile
The human eating reptile with death in it's smile
'Tis not for the joy of it or 'tis not for the thrill
But for their own survival these creatures do kill
To the great sharks of the ocean many humans fall prey
To them we are food and to kill to them to survive is their natural way.
For self preservation it does seem to me
That to keep out of their waters does seem a good idea
The eagles they soar in the calm of the day
With their eyes towards the ground on their lookout for prey.

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