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As per the monthly moth thread, those cool olde Victorian moth names.

Think my top 5 (without delving, so it might change if I looked in the book properly for a reminder), in no particular order -

1) Clifden Nonpareil (I know it's in another language but just slips off the tongue so nicely)
2) The Sorcerer
3) The Alchemyst
4) Scarce Burnished Brass
5) The Shark

... but could be any other 5.
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This is a good way to drop off to sleep. I might not get to the end:

1) True Lover's Knot, I've already said
2) Figure of Eighty
3) Angle Shades

I had the Alchemyst as a pick in my mind earlier since seeing one on Birdguides review today

4) Blood-vein
5) Chocolate Tip

Just a random 5, like you, Dan. I'll see how many I get to on my pillow as I zed off.


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There are some wonderful names out there. Naturalist Peter Marren brought out a book a couple of years or so back out called Emperors, Admirals & Chimney Sweepers where he looks at the names of our butterflies & moths. Borrowing from Peter I'll start with:

1 Chimney Sweeper
2 The Druid
3 Anomalous
4 The Saxon
5 Mother Shipton

Of course so many other great names to select. The Uncertain always ends up bringing a smile to my face as when you're at an event & you haven't seen the moth in question & somebody calls "uncertain" you're wondering "is it an Uncertain or they're not sure what they've got?".

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