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I may be relaxed but I'm not drunk....
I'm updating a species list for Christchurch Harbour, and have three names on the original list from ca 25 years ago that I can't find a match for in my GB field guide -

White-letter Wainscot (Noctuidae)
Blackneck (Noctuidae)
Lesser Satin (Thyatiridae)

I have also assumed that Smooth Rustic is now just Rustic (Common Rustic is also listed separately).

Any help/confirmation gratefully received!

peter kitchener

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L-album Wainscot used to be called White L Wainscot, which isn't a far cry from White-letter Wainscot.

Blackneck presumably did refer to Blackneck (rather than Scarce or Levant Blackneck)

What about Satin Lutestring for Lesser Satin? At least it's the same family (Thyatiridae)
Perhaps there was a "(Greater) Satin" which may have been in a completely different family?

If you don't get more helpful suggestions on this forum it might be worth trying
UKLeps or UKMoths



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Hi Mark

White Letter Wainscot is certainly the L-album Wainscot Mythimna l-album
Lesser Satin is now the Common Lutestring Ochropacha duplaris
Smooth Rustic is The Rustic Hoplodrina blanda

Best wishes



I may be relaxed but I'm not drunk....
Splendid - many thanks Martin! By my reckoning, the updated Harbour list now stands at 686 species including micros, although this only goes to 2009 (macros) and 2010 (micros) so far, so may be a few more. Aiming to publish in 2013 Report, out about May/Jun 2014, if anyone's interested.

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