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Turnstone?, Mangaf, Kuwait (1 Viewer)


Nature addict
Could this be a Ruddy Turnstone?

I first thought 'Yeah, more Greater Sand Plovers'.
The stripe on the wing would fit, but from the photos I found online, the stripe on the shoulder ain't there.

I kept looking and came up with a Ruddy Turnstone, which supposedly is a 'scarce summer visitor'.

I compared the photo to this one in the gallery and it looks right to me (minus the crappy quality - can't wait for the humidity to go AWAY!)

Thanks & B :)


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    bird uid jul 31st mangaf.jpg
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C'est pas ma faute, je suis anglais.
indeed, they are turnstones, that "extra bit of pattern" where the wing joins the body is a good pointer - their wing pattern is stunningly beuatiful.


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My initial thought was yes, but scrutinizing them they placement of the white just doesn't look right. At least, not quite like the ones I've seen down here.


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It's possible, though I know they migrate, though I'm not sure whereabouts ours go, so there might be some variation.

Here's a couple images of some I've seen in flight. The markings on the wings just seem larger and I don't see that much white on the tail or back of yours, though it could just be the angle and light etc. Interesting in any case, despite how crazy I am :p haha


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