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U.K. binocular deliveries. (1 Viewer)


Well-known member
I wonder how others rate U.K. delivery companies.

I rate them in this general order.

Royal Mail special delivery. Excellent.
Royal Mail ordinary. Good.
Parcelforce. good.

TNT excellent.
DPD sometimes poor, sometimes O.K.

Yodel. The first time I have encountered them.
Possibly, dismal.
The reviews are not encouraging.
They claimed to have tried today.
I don't think they did. I was in at the time mentioned.
Trying to contact them is like trying to go the moon on a balloon.

What I don't understand is this overwhelming desire for cheapness.
Good companies use the cheapest service possible.


mark clements

New member
I'd agree with most, and Yodel depends almost entirely upon the individual. Since we moved here its been fine, prior to that it was "mixed".
Regarding the plunge to cheap service, I withdrew a sale from ebay, of a scope, clearly marked Royal Mail onlyas we are very rural and we want the Post office to remain open. as the prospective purchaser was trying to force me to open an account with another courier.
I declined, and he got stunningly abusive. The result was that I withdrew the item for sale, as he was constantly emailing, eBay has no really helpful mechanism, and I still have a scope that's great for backyard astronomy.


Staff member
UPS and FedEx are terrific. I have received and returned many test binos through these two companies and they have been faultless.



Well-known member
Thanks Lee,
The problem is I cannot choose the carrier in most cases.
It is the supplier who chooses, in this case the chosen ones are Yodel.

I might as well yodel for all the good it does.
The claim that they tried to deliver is I think false.
Trying to find a human to contact is like trying to find a Martian. Probably more chance finding a Martian :)



Well-known member
Currently I rate Yodel as zero stars out of 5.
This is only because there is no provision for minus stars.

Obviously the total average rating must be greater than zero out of 5 as the company would cease to exist.

A highly regarded website says that Yodel have been the worst U.K. carrier for several years.

The supplier more or less agrees with me and are resupplying the item, having written off the Yodel supply.

Sad really.



Well-known member
After a week of untruths I just got delivery from Yodel, so I update my rating to 1 star out of 5.

Unbelievable. They said they left cards, untrue.
They tried to deliver every day, untrue.
Every email was a sham.

I have been told that if a duplicate comes I can keep it. But only £100 item, so no free Swarovski El or Noctovid. Pity.

The website gives an average of 1.5 stars out of 5, but my personal experience doesn't justify that higher rating.

Over my lifetime I have met dodgy British companies and goods.
British Motor Company. Maxi engine fell out in the street. Their fault.
The front wheel that came off my first Mini was my fault as I cornered too fast. But I wasn't the only one and they quickly made the wheels from thicker steel.
The handbrake cables stretched, but my fault from doing handbrake turns. 180 degree turns in 11 ft wide road to park.
Austin 1800 oil depletion, engine seized when nearly new. Caused by oil moving to one end of sideways engine when cornering.
Fixed in Finland very well and fast. Car was winterised and worked fine at minus 30C.
British drivers were the quality controllers.
Jag overheating fixed in an hour in a Swedish garage.
Inboard rear discs seized, still did 100 mph but no more. I wondered why it didn't do the normal 120mph.

But nowadays there seems to be more dodginess as cheap is king.

Ah well, life's interesting.
Now 28C going up to 37C by Thursday. I have to empty the air conditioner twice a day because of the moisture.


Gill Osborne

Well-known member
Yodel are TERRIBLE!!!!!! :storm:

Last year I ordered a roll of twilweld for a chicken run (cost just under £50) and the driver didn't even walk the 20 yards to our front door to deliver it (we are in a small courtyard with 11 other flats) but, instead left it on the doorstep of No: 1 (we are number 9). I just happened to be in that day and when I popped out to post a letter I noticed this roll of wire leaning against the neoghbour's door. Weird, I thought, they've ordered wire as well? I glanced at the label and it had MY name on it complete with Number 9!!!! I manually wrestled it to my door....thinking that if any of the other neighbours are looking out of their window they'll think I'm nicking someone else''s wire! :-O

Other times I've had plants delivered and Yodel drivers either don't bother to ring our doorbell but just leave the package on the doorstep or knock on the door ever so quietly and then get stroppy with ME when I do eventually hear them and open the front door! :eek!:


Well-known member
It upsets me that any British or even foreign firm doesn't have integrity.

I was brought up learning that a handshake or word of mouth statement was binding.
This was not a difficult thing to do. It doesn't take much effort to be honourable.

I have spent my life in sales and on only three occasions have I not been able to fulfill an order for reasons beyond my control.

What I don't understand is that the modern world values and accepts cheapness as paramount, with no regard for values.

I don't want to list the firms that I have found to be sadly wanting.

Good quality applies to goods, even if low priced.
I have a low price Binatone green LED clock that has worked non stop for 45 years about.

A Braun Made in Germany almost silent alarm clock that has worked continuously for over 20 years.

A weather centre giving moonrise, moonset etc etc that has worked continuously for about 25 years.

Yupiteru radios that seem to work forever.

Leica, Nikon, Canon, Docter, Swift and ZOMZ? binoculars that have given years of service.

Minolta, Nikon and Canon cameras that are exemplary.

My 1985 SAAB with about 240,000 miles that I cannot recall ever breaking down.

So I suppose I should be thankful for the good things.
The bad things I try to forget and have no further dealings associated with them.

But why do people accept rubbish service as the norm?


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