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shoot and hope shot but I cant identify . do the 2 on left look as though they have curved bill or just bad shot trickery ?
thanks for replies


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Old Berkshire Boy
Probably exaggerated by the lighting and distances of the image - suggest Black headed gulls.


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I'm not convinced these birds can be identified from the image. That said, I'd suggest that the two furthest right, the bird facing left with its wings open and the furthest left could be Lesser Black-backed gulls. Perhaps they all are!

Les, I don't mean this in any way to be rude, but if you don't already own a copy, it is worth buying the Collins Guide - it will transform your birding.


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Can I just ask why you would bother posting this photo?

Was there some rare bird that you thought this might be? And if you do post it, why not brighten it for ID purposes before posting, as I show?

I realise that in the current 'strange times' the forum is very quiet because a lot of us don't get out and especially don't get to places where there are birds that we may have no experience of and therefore need an ID from someone more experienced. But even so, I think that this quality of photo is really a bit...

Instead of going out, I have looked through old catalogues of photos and found a few IDs that I am no longer confident of, and a few that I had never managed to ID in the first place, and which I might post on here in the coming days or weeks. And maybe others will do that also just to keep things ticking over.


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I think the one in the middle, extending its head to the left, is (probably) a LBBG.

thanks guys, you wont hear from me again.
I'd encourage you to keep trying instead, and personally I'd rather deal with bad pictures than with some of the stuff that gets posted on other subsections of the forum.

One thing to bear in mind when you can't get a good enough pic, you should rather focus on getting a prolonged view through bins, and note down as many plumage/behaviour/etc. details as you can observe, even ones whose relevance you're unsure of.
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Bah humbug
Cormorant in the middle?? (Herring/LBBG Gulls for others agreed)

(Absolutely no problems with poor photos such as these in most contexts - often birds are only seen at range and typical views of seabirds can be very poor. A poor photo can often be more useful than trying to get a handle on something you are unfamiliar with in such conditions.)

Or do both of course! Any other pics in the same series out of interest?
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I agree with the sentiments above, and apologise if the correct tone didn't come across from my post - difficult to get nuance across online.
Keep on posting, if nothing else it acts as a distraction in these strange times - I think I've suffered the same afflictions as Macca of late, and a lot of people are certainly feeling the strain of human interactions being limited to calls or on the internet.
If it makes you feel any better, I constantly c*ck up, and I've been fortunate enough to see a lot of birds all over the world, for example on this thread - an absolute howler, and one of very many!
I've posted some poor 'record shot' photos in the past, but what the heck - if people can give me some guidance then it's all good.

The 'Bird Identification' sub forum is a must go for me and I've learnt such a lot.


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United States
Yes, hope you keep posting! I'm aware that some folks are openly critical of those who post really poor pictures (though I think that wasn't the case as much here).

It is a "Bird Identification Q&A" forum, almost all of us love any challenge. If it's just too poor for ID, we let you know!

Again, hope a few posts that are the exception won't deter you from posting ID questions (and photos). Good comment from Sangahyando in post #8 on how to bolster a question where the photo doesn't give much.

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