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Unidentified Brown Bird with Yellow and Green Wing Plumage | South-East UK (1 Viewer)

Hi there,

Toady I setup my trail camera in my woods behind the house and at 9am, a small brown bird landed on the suet feeder and had a good munch.
It seems to be about the size of a great tit, (attached image) and has green and yellow plumage on its wings.

Apologies for the bad image quality, as I had to zoom in the screen shots to focus the bird.
I will attach some screenshots and a Google Drive link to the full video of its visit.

Google Drive Link


The only thing I can think of is perhaps some sort of warbler?

Thanks in advance,

Jack Dawe

Well-known member
I'm seeing a big, pink bill. Also, in the third photo below that's not a Robin's head shape in a head-on view. Where are the sunken eyes?


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Alexander Stöhr

Well-known member
I agree with Buttys comment nr. 10. But as every one knows, I like quiz-modus too.
As the pictures doesnt show much (nearly none, no offense as always) helpful features, I looked at the video: the bird shows the behaviour, flight style, approach to the feeder of a Robin. So I think it is one.

Edit: Sorry to Richard, I just read that you identified the bird already by the only relevant and trustable features, correctly imo

Bismarck Honeyeater

Barely known member
I have now watched the terrible, terrible video, and looked at the, even worse photographs. (No criticism implied, they are what they are)
It is definitely a Greenfinch as I knew it would be before I opened the post.
They breed outside my bedroom window, I see them all day everyday. (Robins also breed in the same place)

Alexander Stöhr

Well-known member
Thank you BH,
I looked at the video again and still see a Robin by behaviour and shape. I must admit I have never seen a Greenfich (regardless of age) that flicks its tail and wings like this bird here does (in the begining until about 0:07) but this action looks very good for a Robin (among other things like flight style ...)
But thats what I want to read here: I have seen so much Greenfinches, and I will look at them again much closer in the next days.

I think the large pinkish bill can well be some seed, but its impossible to be sure here.


Well-known member
Stung by astonishment to retract some of my righteous scepticism and grill the video again... I find it unbelievable that this could be thought to be a greenfinch (head/bill-shape, body-shape, posture, actions), and highly plausible that it could be (NB could be) a robin (head/bill-shape, body-shape, posture, actions).

Jack Dawe

Well-known member
I think the large pinkish bill can well be some seed, but its impossible to be sure here.
It would have to be fat to make it stick like that and I've never seen a Robin accumulate fat around it's bill like that. Besides, the fat in the feeder is not pink and the bill colour is quite consistent. Plus, anyone who has watched Greenfinches knows they are are messy eaters. So it could be fat - though I don't think it is. I'm very happy to accept that I might be wrong. I don't buy the artefact argument.

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