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Unknown Geese: Cackling Goose x Barnacle Goose? Netherlands (Purmerend) (1 Viewer)


Frank van de Velde
An hour ago (11:15 Dutch time 1st of September) I saw these two small geese on a very small field between houses in the Dutch town of Purmerend.
Both not ringed. Both very tame (walked right up to me). Probably male and female due to small difference in size and in the size of neck and head.

Could these be Cackling Goose x Barnacle Goose hybrids?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Joern Lehmhus

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I´d agree with Steve here, on bill length and general structure they look more like Barnacle goose x Canada goose (note that such hybrids are fertile so it needn´t be a first generation cross).
You say they were small, any size comparison possible with other waterfowl?


Frank van de Velde
Thank you Steve and Joern for replying to my post! Barnacle x Canada seems the most likely ID indeed. I would estimate them to be Barnacle sized and not larger. Much smaller than either Canada Goose or Greylag in any case.
Interesting that hybrids like these "find" one another, they must be rare and were obviously paired.

Thanks again, Frank
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