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Unknown small bird IDs - Delray Beach, Florida, USA (1 Viewer)


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We've been getting a lot more wintering birds down here, and while I can identify most, sometimes a few get mixed in where I'm just not sure if it's a non-breeding, female, juvenile, etc. of some very similar looking warbler or vireo.

Here are a few of the ones I'm unsure on, any help appreciated.

1. unknown warbler-type:

2. Hooded merganser - coloration question...the bird in the back and farthest left had different color than the female hooded mergansers it was with (dark bill, lighter breast, brown crown) - the adult males are obvious, so was hoping for a confirm on whether this is a non-breeding, juvenile, etc of a hooded merganser, or some other type mixed in:

3. I think a palm warbler:

4. The wing stripes made me think maybe a juvenile pine warbler that hadn't developed the yellow colorations yet:


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1. Maybe Pine? I don't have enough experience though to say for certain. I feel like when I see some sort of eastern warbler during the winter that I'm not immediately certain about, it's usually Pine.
2. All Hooded Merganser
3. Palm Warbler
4. Looks good for Pine to me, However, I'm from the west coast, so I don't have too much field experience with this species.


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Thank you. Also for the explanation about the mergansers. I only get to see them a few weeks of the year at most, and sometimes not for 2 winters - so I'm not as familiar with their variety of coats - I suspected maybe juvenile male, so that helps explain why it looked a bit different.

Good to know I was fairly well on target with the other IDs - I wasn't confident enough to declare them.


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1 is a pine warbler
2. The dark billed individual is a young male whereas the yellow billed birds are female hooded mergansers.
3. “Western” Palm warbler
4. Pine warbler.
Agree with the above

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