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Unusual raptor ? (1 Viewer)


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This bird was seen recently in Serbia. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Geoff Laight.


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John (a bad birdwatcher)
United Kingdom
Geoff, for goodness sake don't take my word as I'm inexpert and usually wrong on ID matters, but it is clearly (?) an accipiter, and very possibly Goshawk. Broad but long wings, slightly "bevelled" tail-edges, and tail length looks about right, also one or two other things. But Goshawks are tricky. Yesterday I finally unticked mine - seen in 1989 at a known site, "looked huge" etc, but just not enough to exclude Sparrowhawk.

I guess there will be other accipiters in the region - others will no doubt advise. Anyway, perhaps this post will get the ball rolling.
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Sorry for the delayed response to this. Thanks Jono yes I agree after much deliberation Goshawk looks favourite. What threw me was the hooded appearance in pics 1 & 4.
Thanks Wolfbirder


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Well tail base 'hips' are too broad for sparrowhawk and some evidence of 'fluffy undertail coverts pointing again to gos. Tail corners are rounded and tail end is more rounded not as flat as sprawk.
Wing edges are parallel, sprawk tends to show more rounded bulge to secondaries. Looks very long winged in pic 3.
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