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Unusually blue "greenie" painted bunting - Amelia Island, Florida (1 Viewer)


I've been hosting painted buntings in my yard for more than 12 years now, and have a devoted group of at least a dozen who show up every season. (My husband jokingly refers to them as pests.) Occasionally we have an indigo bunting or two come through for a few days, usually February or March. A blueish bird caught my eye yesterday, and I had to look at it for a moment or two to see what it was. I'm sure it's a female/juvenile male painted bunting, but I thought its coloring was unusual. I chalked it up to a the way the sunlight was hitting it. But today is gray and overcast. And there was the bunting again. I got a few quick photos through the window both days (my camera does not do well with low sunlight). I just thought I'd share them. The second photo includes a typical greenie for comparison. I have never seen such a blue, almost turquoise "greenie" before!


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Looks like a fairly regular female to me?
I suppose. For some reason its coloring stood out to me, as I see these all day long. Just a bit darker than usual with a tinge of blue. Most descriptions say they're bright yellow-green, which this is not (to my eyes). ;-)


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Never seen Painted Bunting afore Kathy, certainly on my hit list if I get back across the pond...post Covid. Suffice to say that...variation in all things to a greater or lesser extent seems to be not uncommon amongst bird species, with some individuals perhaps brighter (can see the turquoise sheen in yours) than others. If you want a more scientific explanation...in the words of the great Movie maker Sam Goldwyn....''include me out!'' (y)


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