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Uria onoi Watanabe, Matsuoka und Hasegawa, 2016 (1 Viewer)


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WATANABE Junya, MATSUOKA Hiroshige & HASEGAWA Yoshikazu, 2016

Two species of Uria (Aves: Alcidae) from the Pleistocene of Shiriya, northeast Japan, with description and body mass estimation of a new species

Bulletin of the.Gunma Museum of Natural History 20: 59-72

Free pdf: http://www.gmnh.pref.gunma.jp/research/no_20/bulletin20_2.pdf

Etymology. The species epithet, onoi, is taken after Mr. Keiichi Ono, one of the earliest Japanese avian paleontologists. It is dedicated to him in recognition of his contributions to the early works on Japanese avian fossils, including a previous report of Shiriya paleoavifauna (Hasegawa et al., 1988). It is genitive.

A Bony-Toothed Bird from the Middle Miocene, Chichibu Basin, Japan or On the Lower Triassic Ichthyosaur from Ogatsu, Miyagi Pref. published by him or as co-author. Here we can find other publications of him. But all around 1980 till 1989. I don't know what happend than. But from original dedication I interpret he may already dead. Maybe his life dates can be solved here?
I assume he here is a different Keiichi Ono.

Looks like here he worked at 瑞浪市化石博物館 (Mizunami Fossil Museum) and 国立科学博物館 (National Museum of Nature and Science) here
Acknowledgements. We acknowledge the assistance of the Mizunami Fossil Museum, Mr. Yoshitsugu OKUMURA, Mr. Tatsuya KAEDE, and Mr. Keiichi ONO.
Dr Keiichi Ono, National Science Museum

Other publications he was involved:
  • HASEGAWA Yoshikazu. ISOTANI Seiichi. NAGAI Koichi. SEKI Kiichi. SUZUKI Tadashi. Otsuka Hiroyuki. Ota Masamichi and Ono Keiichi (1979): Preliminary notes on the Oligo-Miocene penguin-like birds from Japan. part 1-7. Bull. Kitakyushu Mus. Nat. Hist •• (1):41-60. pIs. 12-19.
  • HASEGAWA Yoshikazu. ONO Keiichi and OTSUKA Hiroyuki (1980): Reconstruction of Yabe's Gigant Deer. Sinome aceros yabei (Shikama) from Japan. Bull. Akiyoshi -dai Mus. Nat. Hist •• 15 :59-62. pl. 6.
  • NOKARIYA Hiroshi and ONO Keiichi (1980): Amphibian and avian remains from Taishaku-Kannondo Cave Site. Ann. Bull •• Hiroshima ~niv. Taishaku-kyo Site Res. Centre. 3:75-84.
  • ONO Keiichi (1980a): FossiI birds from the Nojiriko Formation. Mem. Geo I. Soc. Japan, (19):161-166, PI. 1.
  • ONO Keiichi (1980b): PIiocene tubinare bird from Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Mem. Natn. Sci. Mus., Tokyo, (13):29-34, pl. 2.
  • ONO Keiichi (1980c): Comparative osteology of three species of Japanese cormorants of the genus Phalacrocorax (Aves, Pelecaniformes). Bull. Natn. Sci. Mus., Tokyo, ser. C, 6(4):129 151.
  • ONO Keiichi and SAKAMOTO Osamu (1991): Discovery of five Miocene birds from Chichibu Basin, central Japan (秩父盆地から中新世の鳥5羽を発見). BUll. Saitama Mus., Nat. Hist., (9), 41-49, 2 fies., 6 pis.
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Looks like here he worked at 瑞浪市化石博物館 (Mizunami Fossil Museum) and 国立科学博物館 (National Museum of Nature and Science) here
Martin, I don't think that Mr Ono ever worked at the "Mizunami Fossil Museum"*, (as suggested above, In post #2). I think that the dedication (from/in 1985) ought to be read as: "We acknowledge the assistance of the Mizunami Fossil Museum, [and] Mr. Yoshitsugu OKUMURA, [as well as] Mr. Tatsuya KAEDE, and Mr. Keiichi ONO."

If those guys (all) were connected to, alt. staff of that certain museum I would expect it to have been phrased differently (reversed, at/of) ...

I think "our guy", Mr Keiichi Ono, was an employee of the National Museum of Nature and Science (in Tokyo), all the way until his retirement (in 1995), but who knows, you might be correct?

Don't hesitate to prove me wrong.


* Mizunami Fossil Museum (瑞浪市化石博物館), here, was opened in 1974.
Just some additional details, nothing major (from my notes):
  • Mr Ono worked for the Department of Geology, at the National Science Museum, in Tokyo (as told in his own Paper about the "Bony-Toothed Bird", of/in 1989)
  • One of the Authors/auctors (i.e. Hasegawa) of the Pleistocene Guillemot/Murre/Bird Uria onoi* (2016) earlier also described a fossil Frog back in 1998 (OD here), where he (on p.2) thanks:
Mr. Keiichi Ono of the Department of Paleontology of the National Science Museum, Tokyo, ...

  • Also note the following (short) text, as reported in the SVP (Society of Vertebrate Paleontology) News Bulletin 163 (February 1995), pp.79–80 [my blue bolds]:
National Science Museum (Natural History Institute), Tokyo

It is a pity to report that Keiichi Ono, who has been medically treated for several years, resigned from our Museum.


  • The same year (1995) he also seem to have ended his Fellow membership of the Palaeontological Society of Japan. See here, p.87.​
  • Mr Keiichi Ono was, as well, thanked "for valuable assistance and helpful advice", by the great Paleontologist Storrs L. Olson [1944–2021] and the same Yoshikazu Hasegawa [i.e. the same team as in/of above], when they described two new species of Gigantic Plotopteridae, in 1996, here (p.750).​

Though, nothing additional found re. his Birth, nor of his (if/as presumed) Death ...

Good luck finding the last pieces!


PS. I'm pretty sure he's not to confuse with his (2015) namesake here. :rolleyes:

* OD somewhat easier to access here.
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