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USA, South Mississippi, Percy Quin (1 Viewer)

Jon K.

Well-known member
I spent a morning in Percy Quin State Park yesterday and was hounded by Woodpeckers. It was quite a nice morning . . . . .

I am (obviously) trying to figure out how to get better shots, my next step will be a monopod. These were freehand at a couple hundred feet.

Low light. F 5.5 ISO400 I let the camera pick the shutter speed. I am certainly not that good. |8.|

My question, is there enough photograph here to ID this guy?

Amazing how difficult it was to get him to pose . . . .

I have it down to "Hairy Woodpecker" or "Downy Woodpecker".

I will say, it did not strike me as "tiny". Certainly smaller than a Red Bellied but I would say a bit bigger than a Wren. And I spent quite a bit of time with him. As I gain experience (still sorta new!) I will probably not have questions such as these.

What say the sage gallery?


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Jon K.

Well-known member
Hi Jon K,

On range might be Red-cockaded Woodpecker?


That would be most awesome!!

Sadly, still not large enough. Habitat is wrong as well.

I have been fortunate enough to (once!) encounter a "troop" of Red Cockaded Woodpeckers on my journeys in South West Louisiana in the long leaf pine forests. I was inspecting the plants and butterflies on the Kisatchie National Forest, and a handful came noisily through the area, inspecting seemingly every tree. Musta been six of them. I had a good look at them and they were definitely RCWs.

RCW would be unheard of in this area of Mississippi.

This bird strikes me as a Downy or a Hairy Woodpecker.

Jon K.

Well-known member
This is a small bird. Just a shade larger than sparrow size.

I need better photos . . . .

I will work on that!

Larry Sweetland

Formerly 'Larry Wheatland'
This is a small bird. Just a shade larger than sparrow size.

I need better photos . . . .

I will work on that!
impression of size is the least reliable thing to go on when trying to identify a bird. And Yellow-bellied Sapsucker isn't much bigger than Downy, and is smaller than Hairy.
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The Bird Nuts

Birding Duo
Definitely a sapsucker (long white patch at the front of the wing is diagnostic) and Yellow-bellied is most likely based on markings and range. It's on a big deciduous tree which is the right habitat... Size can be difficult to judge.

Jon K.

Well-known member

Yellow Belly Sapsucker.

I had not even looked at a photo, as I had "Northern Flicker" in my mind when you guys mentioned Sapsucker. No idea why.

Duh . . . .

My apologies for my doubts.

An interesting note. I watched these birds (there were at least two) for thirty minutes or so trying to get the shot. At one point, one came winging straight at me and flared up to reveal a scarlet throat. For less than an instant. I imagined it. Is what I told myself. I intentionally didn't mention it here, as it was that fleeting.

The male.

So thank you guys for the ID, and showing me that I should not disregard an observation (or a suggestion) quite so quickly.

This is fun!

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