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Vanguard Endeavor hd 82a experience (1 Viewer)

Dear people

I will like to share with you my recent experience with my new spotting scope: the Vanguard Endeavour HD 82a.

I recently purchased this scope (and paid shipping plus taxes etc...) in order to replace my cheap Eyeskey EK8380 20-60X80, this based on all the reviews found in the internet, which in summary, not being the very best scope, should perform very well and is the best scope you could buy for the money (as long as didn't come with dirt in the internals... mine did not), and should easy outperform my basic scope.

The Vanguard construction is top notch, the knobs turn smoothly but with a geared feeling, no dust or particles inside. everything in order. :t:

The eyepiece is very comfortable in comparison to the folding rubber eyecup and the eye relief is also excellent. The image is very bright and is perfect for low light conditions, also the field of view is great. :t:

The problem is that the resolution on the Vanguard is poor, I can't get a sharp focus on all the range of magnification. At 20x is acceptable but the difference in sharpness with the Eyeskey very noticeable. Looking at a resolution chart I put at the end of the garden I can clearly see the difference, with the Eyeskey is able to focus Sharp and beats the Vanguard, which can focus relatively good, but not sharp, then loosing much detail.
Conclusion: The Vanguard do not focus well. :-C

Other problem is CA, I expected that the ED glass on the Vanguard manage to control the CA, but in my sample the CA was the same or worst that in the Eyeskey that have no ED glass.

I think that maybe I got a bad unit (and bad luck), or maybe a bad eyepiece, not sure what part is responsible of the poor resolution and sharpness.

I really try to like the Vanguard, and I like it in every way except for the fact that is unable to get at least a sharp focus as with my cheaper scope.., I will going to return it (loosing shipping cost) and continue the search... maybe save a lot more and try the Vortex Razor in a distant future...

Here are some pics.

Thanks for looking.


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Well-known member
Hi Franco,

sorry to hear about the Vanguard but thank you for letting us know - your review might help sb. else to get the right scope.

Sample variation in spotting scopes is unfortunately quite big, even with alpha brands - more so with chinese made labels.

Being able to test the example you'll get is paramount, at least you can return this lemon and only have lost some postage.

I personally like Kowa scopes a lot - even 30 year old TSN-3/4 fluorite bodies are still great performers (with fixed or current zoom EPs - the old 80s zoom is abominable) and I haven't seen a lemon yet (which does not mean there's none).
Last weekend I was able to compare my TSN-3 with SDLv2 zoom side by side with some fellow birders (and optics afficionados) current Kowa 883 and all present were astonished at how well the old glass held up to the current king of alpha scopes. But it has to be said the 883 was a bit brighter at equal exit pupil due to current coatings and the great wide angle zoom is of course a revelation.
It was the first time I saw my old Kowa clearly beaten but I'm not sure if I'll open my pockets for new glass rather than spend it travelling to see sth nice in the old glass.

Shameless plug: I have recently gotten a spare TSN-3 body off ebay as part of a package deal with some nice accessories for my TSN-3 at a very good price. It is cosmetically challenged with deep scratches in the paint and was obviously repaired before but it has unmarked optics, is tack sharp up to 60x (or even 85x - which is the shortest fitting EP I have to test), without colour and mechanics is good.
I might be willing to let it got to a good home for an equally low fraction of what I paid - send me a PM if interested.



Well-known member
I had it for several months, and in the end I left it since the image appeared a very marked yellow ring, very distressing ..
I did not like this !!


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I have the Vanguard as a second scope. I have not had any issues with it what so ever. it is pin sharp up to 40x it does get a bit soft after that but even at 60x it still out performs my previous second scope which was a opticron . I don't often go above 40x mag so it does me quite well. The scope body is a solid construction and the eye piece is well made .The cover is water proof and again well made, down side is it's Black. But for a scope that sits in the boot of the car 90% of the time I can live with that.
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