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Various birds, San Jose Costa Rica (2 posts) (1 Viewer)


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United Kingdom
Hi all! Just got back from Costa Rica and have a lot of birds I'd like confirmations of :D Starting with birds seen in the capital. My best guesses are:

1. American Yellow Warbler
2. Summer Tanager
3. Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
4. Boat-Billed Flycatcher
5. Baltimore Oriole


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6. Rufous-Tailed Hummingbird
7. Tennessee Warbler
8. Crimson-Fronted Parakeet
9. Mealy Parrot...???
10. Rufous-Tailed Hummingbird


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Andy Adcock

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9 Gives the impression of being a smaller species and it has an all white bill so not Mealy, I'd sayOrange-chinned?


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Picture's already pretty heavily lightened, bird was very silhouetted. If you squint you can maybe see an orange chin on the top bird ;) Would make sense as that was by far the most common parakeet in San Jose.

Any thoughts on the others?

Larry Sweetland

Formerly 'Larry Wheatland'
3 doesn't look like Ruby-throated. Think most of your other suggestions look good (agree with others that9 is not an Amazon)


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I have some more photos of 3 if that would help. By far the most common hummingbird in SJ was rufous-tailed, but this one didn't look like an RT to me. Appears to have a red or orange gorget and white throat


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The first image of the question hummer makes it look almost like a brilliant.



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I think the only brilliant expected in CR is green-crowned, which I don't think has the red/orange gorget? I don't think the red colour is a camera artefact, as its visible to various degrees in all my photos of the bird
I'm wondering whether the "question hummer" could be a juvenile or female Green-breasted Mango? The throat pattern in the 2nd & 3rd photos could be the beginning of those vertical throat/belly stripes, and the bill in the first photo looks a little decurved.

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