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Veagle's 2011 Year List (1 Viewer)


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This morning before work, I drove out to Sevey's Lake, where I observed the Cinnamon Teal that has been there much of this season, Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs, lots of Brewer's Blackbirds and Vesper Sparrows, and 3 American Pipits, which I had never seen there before. The fact that there was no wind was an added bonus.

May 2 - Sevey's Lake, SD

202. American Pipit


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We had our first Lincoln's Sparrow of the season this afternoon at our feeders.

May 3 - Rapid City, SD

203. Lincoln's Sparrow


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First week of May is really prime time for migration in this area. Just looking out at our feeders this morning, spotted first of year (for South Dakota) Chipping Sparrow, Yellow-rumped Warbler, and a pair of Orange-crowned Warblers, as well as a pair of Tree Swallows.

May 4 - Rapid City, SD

204. Orange-crowned Warbler


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Back out to Sevey's Lake this morning. A good day for shorebirds. Saw Marbled Godwit, Wilson's Phalarope, Greater Yellowlegs, and the following year birds:

May 5 - Sevey's Lake, SD

205. Pectoral Sandpiper
206. Long-billed Dowitcher
207. Semipalmated Sandpiper


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Last night, after dinner, I took a brief walk around Jackson Park, here in Rapid City. Often a good spot to see migrants, it was full of Yellow-rumped, and Orange-crowned Warblers, and I was able to observe a single Yellow Warbler. Then this morning, I spotted two Lark Sparrows in my backyard, the first time I have seen them there.

May 5 - Rapid City, SD

208. Yellow Warbler

May 6 - Rapid City, SD

209. Lark Sparrow


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This morning I drove to several different habitats as a volunteer in the West River Spring Migration Count. Had some good variety. First stop along Schroeder Rd., where I found Pygmy Nuthatch and Brown Creeper. Then out to the prairies, where I found Brown Thrasher, Lark and Grasshopper Sparrow, Western Kingbird, Burrowing Owl, Swainson's Hawk, and Long-billed Curlew. Wish I had more time!

May 10 - Pennington County, SD

210. Pygmy Nuthatch
211. Brown Thrasher
212. Western Kingbird

May 10 - Custer County, SD
213. Burrowing Owl
214. Long-billed Curlew
215. Grasshopper Sparrow


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My wife and I drove out to Sevey's Lake this morning. On the way, we were noticing MASSIVE quantities of sparrows along the road - Clay-colored, Lark, Vesper, and Chipping. Just before getting to the Lake, I spotted a lone Lark Bunting. The lake was quite busy with the usual waterfowl. I found a lone Hooded Merganser, not usually part of the crowd here. Other highlights included Long-billed Dowitchers, a Marbled Godwit, early Black Terns, and a large group of Phalaropes, mostly Wilson's but a few relatively unusual Red-throated. As we were leaving the Lake, we got excellent looks at a Peregrine Falcon, and on the way back, we stopped along a stream, where we saw House Wrens and a male Common Yellowthroat. Nice morning.

May 8 - Meade County, SD

216. Lark Bunting
217. Black Tern
218. Red-necked Phalarope
219. Peregrine Falcon
220. House Wren
221. Common Yellowthroat


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Lots of Swallows at Sevey's Lake this morning - Barn, Violet-Green, and Cliff. Also American Avocet, Long-billed Dowitcher, Cinnamon Teal, and Marbled Godwit.

May 9 - Sevey's Lake, SD

222. Cliff Swallow


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This morning I had Yellow Warbler and Least Flycatcher in my backyard, the first time ever for the flycatcher. And later, driving through downtown Rapid City, I spotted a Chimney Swift.

May 10 - Rapid City, SD

223. Least Flycatcher
224. Chimney Swift
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Yesterday, before leaving for work, I spotted a Lazuli Bunting in my yard. Then off to Ohio, where I will spend the next several days at the Magee Marsh area, near Toledo.

May 13 - Rapid City, SD

225. Lazuli Bunting


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So I have been in Toledo, Ohio for the past several days, spending 3 and a half days birding at Magee Marsh and some of the surrounding area. Part of the time I attended the modestly titled, "Greatest American Week of American Birding". Actually it's hard to argue with that title. This is possibly the best place in America right now to see Warblers, and I have feasted on them, seeing as many as 21 species a day, in addition to some other great birds. Another highlight was attending a lecture by Ken Kaufmann on identifying Flycatchers.

Anyway, the first day began with a prolonged visit to the Boardwalk at Magee Marsh.

Note: I have added pictures, not necessarily tying in exactly with the right post, but within the posts from Ohio..

May 14 - Magee Marsh, Ohio

226. Great Crested Flycatcher
227. Rose-breasted Grosbeak
228. Eastern Kingbird
229. American Woodcock
230. Yellow-billed Cuckoo
231. Palm Warbler
232. Common Tern
233. Baltimore Oriole
234. Ruby-throated Hummingbird
235. Blue-Headed Vireo
236. Black-billed Cuckoo
237. Warbling Vireo
238. Canada Warbler
239. Black-throated Green Warbler
240. Blackburnian Warbler
241. Magnolia Warbler
242. Scarlet Tanager
243. Blackpoll Warbler
244. Bay-breasted Warbler
245. Red-eyed Vireo
246. Prothonotary Warbler
247. American Redstart
248. Black-and-white Warbler
249. Blue-greay Gnatcatcher
250. Veery
251. Swainson's Thrush
252. Cape May Warbler
253. Nashville Warbler
254. Tennessee Warbler
255. Chestnut-sided Warbler
256. Northern Parula
257. Gray Catbird


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After visiting Magee Marsh, I went all of 1/4 mile to Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. Took a short walk around, and saw a number of new birds:

May 14 - Ottawa NWR, Ohio

258. Indigo Bunting
259. Trumpeter Swan
260. Purple Martin
261. Short-billed Dowitcher


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Next, I went on a small bus trip to the Cedar Point National Wildlife Refuge, which is normally closed to the public. Our guide for this trip was Michael Retter, of Tropical Birding, who did a great job showing this area to us. Highlights included an active Bald Eagle's nest, an Alder Flycatcher, and my first Black-throated Blue Warbler.

May 14 - Cedar Point NWR, Ohio

262. Alder Flycatcher
263. Eastern Wood-Pewee
264. Green Heron
265. Black-throated Blue Warbler

We finished up the day, going back to the Magee Marsh Boardwalk for another look around.

May 14 - Magee Marsh, Ohio

266. Forster's Tern
267. Eastern Screech-Owl


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On Sunday, the really bad weather rolled in. Rain, 35mph wind, temperatures in the low to mid 40s (F). Predictably the crowds were down significantly, and it was not for the faint of heart. You couldn't really keep a day list, as the rain made that impractical, so after the day, you just compared the list from the previous day, and used it as a checklist. Highlights of the day were continuing great views of 14 warblers, Blue-headed Vireo, and Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

May 15 - Magee Marsh, Ohio

268. Ovenbird


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The weather forcast for Monday at Magee was improved....too bad the weather wasn't. More of the same high winds, rain, etc., but the birding was actually quite good. Apparently with the wind chill around 40F, the insects were low to the ground, which brought many of the feeding migrants close to the ground. So much so, that many of the warblers seen this day were at eye level or lower.

Started the day looking for shorebirds at County Line Rd. Saw quite a few Dunlin, along with Least and Spotted Sandpiper. The highlight at the boardwalk was a good view of Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, 19 Warblers, another look at the furtive American Woodcock, Blue-headed and Warbling Vireo, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, and some great views of Green Heron.

May 16 - Ottawa NWR, Lucas County, OH

269. Least Sandpiper
270. Spotted Sandpiper

May 16 - Magee Marsh, Lucas County, OH

271. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher


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I fully expected Tuesday to be spectatular weather, as I would be heading home after another half day of birding, but it was not to be. The rain did hold off today, and the birding was again great. Had my best count of warblers - 22, including a couple of Blackburnians, not seen by me every day, and a Mourning Warbler, a good find for all of us on the boardwalk this day. I also found my life Philadelphia Vireo, which I had been looking for for a while, as I had lived in Philadelphia for 27 years, it seemed like I should have it on my list.

Last stop before leaving for the airport was again at the Visitor Center of the Ottawa NWR. The birding here was also great, as I saw three thrushes, including my life Gray-cheeked, Swainson's, and Veery. And the warblers were also very active.

In all this trip yielded 10 Lifers, and 105 species. The weather left a lot to be desired, but the birding made up for it. I learned an awful lot about about warblers, met a lot of very nice people and had a great time. I would highly recommend this area to anyone wanting to see great migrants.

May 17 - Magee Marsh, Lucas Co., Ohio

272. Philadelphia Vireo
273. Mourning Warbler

May 17 - Ottawa NWR, Ottawa Co., Ohio

274. Gray-cheeked Thrush


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I had a nice bright Western Tanager at our feeder yesterday. Later in the day, I drove to Sevey's Lake. Highlights were a Bobolink, about 30-40 Black Tern, a couple of Baird's Sandpipers, and about a dozen Stilt Sandpiper.

May 20 - Rapid City, SD

275. Western Tanager

May 20 - Sevey's Lake, SD

276. Bobolink
277. Baird's Sandpiper
278. Stilt Sandpiper


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This weekend has been uncharacteristically rainy. Yesterday, I drove out to Hammerquist Rd., which was really quieter than usual, but I did see a nice male Orchard Oriole. This morning, I got two new county birds here in Pennington County - Tenessee Warbler and Burrowing Owl, then drove out to Sevey's Lake, where the highlights were lots of Cliff, Tree, and Barn Swallows, along with a single Bank Swallow, a new State bird for me.

May 21 - Pennington County, SD

279. Orchard Oriole

May 22 - Sevey's Lake, SD

280. Bank Swallow


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We traveled east for Memorial Day, for a wedding in Philadelphia, seeing my parents in NJ, and a conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Didn't do any birding in Philly, but visited a few places along the shore this morning in NJ. The highlight was a small group of Least Terns, which I had been hoping to find. Other birds I don't usually see included Brant, American Black Duck, Ruddy Turnstone, Snowy Egret, and Black Vulture.

May 30 - Jersey shore

281. Boat-tailed Grackle
282. Least Tern
283. Bonaparte's Gull
284. Semipalmated Plover
285. Black Vulture
286. American Oystercatcher
287. Marsh Wren
288. Brant
289. Ruddy Turnstone


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I was in Nashville on business, and had seen some reports recently for Swainson's Warbler at the Shelby Bottoms Park, so I got directions, and went out there yesterday for 3 hours before the meetings began. No luck on the warbler, but it was good birding anyway. Highlights included very good views of Indigo Bunting, Carolina Wren (all over the place, but I never see them in South Dakota) a couple of Yellow-breasted Chats, a quick view of a Pileated Woodpecker in flight, and several flycatchers. I was glad to return to South Dakota and leave the extreme heat and humidity behind, but its always fun to see a new place.

June 1 - Shelby Bottoms Park, Nashville, Tennessee

290. Carolina Wren
291. Yellow-breasted Chat
292. Pileated Woodpecker
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