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Well, I went on my annual trip to the Okanogan. My family and IoI went to our cabin on the nW end of Okanogan lake in SW BC. The trip there included a blown out tire and an overheated vehicle with no air conditioning. But theunfortunate problems caused for great birding including some mountain birds. The birds include the ferry trip to vancouver, the roads in Victoria and the road trip to the cabin and all the birding done while there. The best birds were a Leach's Storm Petrel (also last trip bird) and a Northern Mockingbird(seen twice in two different areas)
1.Canada Goose
2. Mallard
3. Wood Duck
4. Green winged Teal
5. American Wigeon
6. Northern Shoveler
7. Ring necked Duck
8. Lesser Scaup
9. Bufflehead
10. Common Merganser
11. Ring neck Pheasant (year bird) was seen in farms near Vernon
12. Ruffed Grouse(bird seen while vehicle was overheated)
13. Common Loon
14. Pied billed Grebe
15. Red necked Grebe
16. Western grebe
17. Pelagic Cormorant(on ferry trip)
18. Double crested Cormorant
19/ American bittern(Nicola Lake)
20. Great Blue Heron
21. Turkey Vulture
22. Osprey
23. Northern harrier Douglas Lake Road
24. Golden Eagle (Coquihala Hwy.
25. Bald Eagle
26. Sharp shinned Hawk
27. Red tailed Hawk
28. Swainson's Hawk (year bird)
29. American Kestrel
30. Merlin
31. Killdeer
32. Spotted Sandpiper
33. Brown Pelican (ferry, year bird)
34. Heermann's Gull( ferry terminal, year bird)
35. Ring billed Gull
36. Glaucous winged gull( coast)
37. Rock Pigeon
38. Mourning Dove
39. Common Nighthawk
40 Common Poorwill (lifer!!!)
41. Black chinned Hummingbird(yearbird)
42. Anna's Hummingbird(while packing the van to leave)
43. Rufous Hummingbird
44. Calliope Hummingbird
45. Northern Flicker
46. Pileated Woodpecker
47. Olive sided Flycatcher
48. Northern Pygmy Owl
49. Western Wood Pewee
50. Willow Flycatcher
51. Least Flycatcher(lifer!!!)
52. Dusky Flycatcher(lifer!!!)
53. Say's Phoebe (year bird)
54. Western Kingbird
55. Eastern Kingbird(both kingbird spp. were way down in numbers near cabin)
56. Hutton's Vireo(mountains with blown out tire)
57. Red eyed Vireo
58. Steller's Jay(where van overheated)
59. Gray Jay(where car overheated)
60. Clark's Nutcracker(Year bird nd it was at the toll booth)
61. Black billed Magpie(year bird)
62. American Crow (year bird)
63. North Western Crow(In Vancouver)
64. Common Raven
65. Sky Lark (Victoria airport, made a specific stop to get it)
66. Horned Lark(year bird)
67. Tree Swallow
68. Purple Martin(Vancouver)
69. Violet Green Swallow
70. Bank Swallow
71. Northern Rough winged Swallow
72. Barn Swallow
73. Cliff Swallow
74. Black capped Chickadee
75. Mountain Chickadee(At toll booth)
76. Chestnut back Chickadee(at mu Oma's in Vancouver)
77. Boreal chickadee (year bird at toll booth on the Coquihala)
78. Bushtit (on my arbutus tree while we were about to leave victoria)
79. Brown creeper
80. Red breasted Nuthatch
81. Winter Wren
82. Bewick's Wren(Oma's house)
83. Marsh wren
84. Rock wren (year bird)
85. Western Bluebird (year bird)
86. Mountain Bluebird( when our van overheated)
87. Townsend's Solitaire(overheated vehicle area)
88. American Robin
89. Gray Catbird (yearbird)
90. European Starling
91. Cedar Waxwing
92. Orange crowned Warbler
93. Common Yellowthroat
94. Yellow breasted Chat ( where our tire blew out and I got nearly 30 mosquito bites)
95. Spotted Towhee
96. Brewers Sparrow(year bird)\
97. Grasshopper Sparrow(year bird)
98. Savannah Sparrow
99. Vesper Sparrow
100. White crowned Sparrow( toll booth Coquihala)
101. Dark eyed Junco
102. Yellow headed Blackbird
103. Red winged Blackbird
104. Rusty Blackbird(year bird)
105. Brewer's Blackbird
106. Brown headed Cowbird
107. Bullock's Oriole
108. House Finch
109. Pine Grosbeak (overheated car)
110. Pine Siskin
111. American Goldfinch
112. Evening Grosbeak (yearbird)
113. House Sparrow
114. Blue winged Teal
115. Horned grebe
116. American Coot
117. Northern Mockingbird (lifer, seen near my cabin and also by a Okeefe's Pond near Vernon)
118. Black headed Grosbeak
119. Cassin's Finch(year bird)
120 White winged Crossbill(year bird, seen while riding bike to corner store near cabin)
121. Red Crossbill
122. Western Meadowlark(Douglas Lake rd. btw Merritt and cabin)
123. Belted Kingfisher
124. White breasted Nuthatch (year bird, forest near cabin)
125. Pygmy Nuthatch(year bird, near White breasted)
126. Red naped Sapsucker
127. Purple Finch
128. Chipping Sparrow
129. Downy Woodpecker
130. Pacific Slope Flycatcher
131. Townsend's Warbler
132. Nashville Warbler(year bird, front of cabin)
133. Prairie Falcon
134. Williamson's Sapsucker (lifer!! forest near cabin)
135. Clark's Grebe(year bird, on the lake in front of cabin)
136. Cinnamon Teal
137. California Quail
138. MacGillavry's Warbler
139. Virginia Rail
140. Hammond's Flycatcher
141. Marsh Wren
142. Ruddy Duck
143. Northern Saw Whet Owl (year bird, near pond on Otter Lake road btw. Vernon and Armstrong)
144. Longbilled Curlew(year bird, farms near Saw Whet Owl)
145. Veery (lifer, near cabin)
146. Hairy Woodpecker
147. Lewis's Woodpecker(year bird,forest near Okeefe's pond)
148. Cooper's Hawk
149. White throated Swift (year bird(flying by ranch land near cabin)
150. Wilson's Warbler
151. Eurasian collared Dove(lifer, lpower lines near vernon))
152. Clay coloured Sparrow
153. Yellow rump Warbler
154. Eared Grebe
155. Solitary Sandpiper
156. Northern Waterthrush (year bird Okeefe's Pond)
157. Fox Sparrow
158. Northern Goshawk(on Coquihala)
159. Gadwall
160. Lincoln's Sparrow
161. Gray Partridge(year bird, farm land)
162. Bobolind(lifer,willow down a path near my cabin)
163. Dusky Grouse(lifer!forest near Merritt's info center)
164. Rhinocerous Auklet( in waters btw. Gulf Islandds during ferry trip)
165. Peregrine Falcon(light post in Vancouver
166. Brandt's Cormorant(flying by Vancouver ferry terminal)
167. Leach's Storm Petrel(year bird, flying btw. Vancouver and the Gulf Islands entrance)
168. Pigeon Guillemot(ferry trip)
169. Wilson's Snipe(Okeefe's Pond)
Great birding trip. Also learned how to knee board and got some paintballing in. Hot and sunny almost every day.
Hope everyone enjoys there summer,
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