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Very busy at the bird feeder today! (1 Viewer)

After careful observation I've decided to go back to my original set up.
The bull finches struggled with the 'caged' set up. There also seemed a drop in interest this could be because it's new and the birds getting used to the cages and changing their flight path for easier access.
The tits had no problem, both young and old. The odd green and gold finch found it easy but most just sat high up and confused.
It's still early days.
To help out I've took one feeder down and reintroduced the squirrel busting tube feeder. It as 4 ports for the bull finches and less intelligent birds for now. If the squirrels get on it it's spring loaded to protect the seed.
If over the coming weeks the birds look to have no problems with the finches friend I'll reintroduce the second but I feel this set up might be the right balance. 1000009683.jpg
Right on cue, do the finches friend cages work....yes they do. After watching the squirrel frantically try for 15 minutes to steal what isn't theirs and not get any I had to laugh until it found a way on to the nut feeder. I could use the cage I took down and put it on the nut feeder. 1000009709.jpg
Does anybody else have a robin that absolutely unmistakably bullies them?
I've got one such bully.
Every time I appear in the conservatory to watch the birds feeding it flies out from nowhere and sits staring at me through the window. If I go outside it flies out from nowhere and lands on the feeder and stares, watching me. If I take the dog into the garden again it is perched on top of the feeder staring, wanting more meal worms.
It's starting to haunt me where ever I sit or go.
I bloody love him. I always fall soft and put more meal worms out. If I'm digging he's again down just inches away from me. I think he's made me his best pal.
Day 2 and the calci worms are still there. I thought I'd have a change from the very popular mealworms and try calci worms. Waste of money. I soaked them in hot water and put them out. No interest in them at all, even the bully robin gives me dirty looks. Message to one self...don't buy calci worms.
Day 3 and calci bugs still there untouched. Looks like I shall have to feed them to the squirrel if he will take them. Won't buy again.
Well that didn't take long. Soon as I threw the calci on the floor and replaced with mealworms the birds were straight in there helping themselves. It didn't even take a walk from the bird feeder to the house.
I too have been using Finches Friend feeders without any squirrel issues for several months now. Yes, expensive but rock solid.....who needs dumbells when you fill the very large one with sunflower hearts. Regarding Calci worms, I alternate offering them and mealworms.....they are readily taken by Blackbirds, Starlings, Robins and even Great Tits from the tray feeder. But store somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight as they can get "manky" once opened and left in a warm spot. The noisy Starling families have moved elsewhere for the moment, as have the G.S. Woodpeckers but replaced by a Long tailed Tit gathering moving through most days.
It is an ongoing process at my house. I added a large platform feeder and have been using a no waste seed mix that attracts acorn woodpeckers, grosbeaks, juncos, and finches. My tube feeder was attacting them as well with sunflower kernels but the finches could not handle most of the full size kernels and were tossing them on the ground and attracting rodents. I tried a seed mix with smaller kernel pieces but the other seeds were not attractive and so I need to go back to the sunflower kernels. I would like to buy small sunflower chips but have not been able to find them for sale.

I have another platform feeder in which I was putting black oil sunflower seeds which the grosbeak like. I tried a seed mix that is 70% sunflower seeds and a mix of other seeds and now attract a wider range of birds than before. So long as the grosbeaks continue to feed at it I will keep the new mix for the summer.

A 2" deep tray with water is a major bird attractor for finches, juncos, grosbeaks, jays, doves, and even an occasional hawk.

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