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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

Viator's 2010 list (1 Viewer)

September 11,Bentong to Mersing, Malaysia

With the idea of some lowland birding after Fraser's Hill decided to head over to Mersing to checkout the mudflats and spend the night so that it was only a short distance to Panti Forest for the following day.

First new bird for the day seen at dawn from our hotel room in Bentong.

593. Asian House Martin

Once in Mersing headed out onto the mudflats but the only new waders for 2010 were

594. Black-tailed Godwit
595. Eurasian Curlew
596. Eastern Curlew
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September 12, Mersing and Panti Forest, Malaysia

Out on the Mersing mud-flats just after dawn to check out the waders. Two new species for 2010

597. Grey-tailed Tattler
598. Curlew Sandpiper

After the short drive to Panti Forest spent the rest of the day in Panti Forest before heading back to Singapore. Highlight was a small fruiting tree which attracted a steady stream of birds: bulbuls, woodpeckers, flowerpeckers, sunbirds etc

599. Grey-headed Babbler
600. Cinnamon-headed Green Pigeon
601. Black-and-white Bulbul
602. Buff-necked Woodpecker
603. Brown-backed Flowerpecker

604. Jambu Fruit Dove
605. White-chested Babbler
606. Chestnut-winged Babbler
607. Crestless Fireback

The 6 day trip finished with 199 bird species and took my Malaysian list to 473.

Images below: Crimson-winged Woodpecker, Checker-throated Woodpecker, juvenile Square-tailed Drongo Cuckoo, Lesser Green Leafbird and a Lesser Sheath-tailed Bat


  • crimsonWingedWoodpecker.jpg
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  • checkerThroatedWoodpecker.jpg
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  • drongoCuckoo.jpg
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  • lesserGreenLeafbird.jpg
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  • lesserSheathtailedBat.jpg
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13 September, Singapore

On the way home from work spotted a Ruddy-breasted Crake in some vacant land. Only surprising thing is I don't have one on the list for 2010.

608. Ruddy-breasted Crake
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Sep 29, Changi Business Park, Singapore

A brief stroll at lunch time around some of the undeveloped areas provided a few migrants in addition to the usual birds. The only new one for the year a Common Snipe.

609. Common Snipe
Oct 5, Central Catchment Singapore

A morning hike through the forest turned up quite a few migrants which are starting to arrive however the only new bird for 2010 was a rare resident Blue-eared Kingfisher.

610. Blue-eared Kingfisher

Images below: Tiger Shrike, Crimson Sunbird, Banded Woodpecker


  • tigerShrike.jpg
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  • crimsonSunbird.jpg
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  • bandedWoodpecker.jpg
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Oct 10, Pulau Ubin, Singapore

Half day on Ubin yielded surprisingly few migrants however there was one good one, a Chestnut-winged Cuckoo.

611. Chestnut-winged Cuckoo

Images below: Female Copper-throated Sunbird, Oriental White-eye


  • copperThroatedSunbird.jpg
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  • whiteeye.jpg
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Oct 11, Changi Business Park, Singapore

A lunch time stroll around the vacant areas yielded a winter visitor in the same area as the Common Snipe a couple of weeks earlier.

612. Cinnamon Bittern
Oct 14, Singapore

Heading to work this morning surprised to see a Sunda Scops Owl - a common resident supposedly but I never see them!

613. Sunda Scops Owl
Oct 31, Pulau Ubin, Singapore

A morning on the island only added a single new species for 2010. A Bar-tailed Godwit which was on the adjacent islet of Pulau Sekudu.

614. Bar-tailed Godwit
Nov 5, East Coast Park, Singapore

Not very good views of a skulking Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler

615. Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler
Nov 17, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore

The large fig tree at the summit of Bukit Timah has been attracting large numbers of birds since it started fruiting so taking advantage of the public holiday spent most of the morning up there.

Three new birds for 2010 recorded

616. Siberian Thrush
617. Mugimaki Flycatcher
618. Blue-and-white Flycatcher

Also four additional birds for my Singapore 2010 list: Jambu Fruit Dove and a set of bulbuls (Cinereous, Black-crested and Streaked). The last two being my first records for Singapore.

Below is a male Jambu Fruit Dove


  • jambuFruitDove.jpg
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Nov 22, Changi Business Park, Singapore

A brief 40 minute walk at lunchtime around the undeveloped parts of Changi Business Park managed to add 2 new year birds for the list. Having spent the weekend showing BF member ChinaBirds (Nick Sismey) around a couple of key bird watching spots in Singapore without a new year bird it felt a little strange to pick up two so easily - but that's birding for you!

619. Brown-streaked Flycatcher
620. Oriental Reed Warbler
Dec 5, Pulau Ubin, Singapore

A morning walk added distant views of a rare visitor to my 2010 Singapore list, a Jerdon's Baza.

621. Jerdon's Baza
Dec 6, Dairy Farm Nature Reserve, Singapore

With the day off I spent a few hours in the afternoon in this reserve which is a continuation of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. I started in drizzle which got progressively worse which meant a very dark and wet time in the forest. Shortly after starting I came across a party of White-crested Laughingthrushes.

622. White-crested Laughingthrush
Dec 15, Sydney Australia

Having landed in Sydney around noon from Singapore for a trip which finishes the 2010 list and started the 2011 one the following new birds for 2010 birds seen en-route to our hotel.

623. Silver Gull
624. Welcome Swallow
625. Australian White Ibis
626. Noisy Miner
627. Pied Currawong
Dec 15, Sydney Botanic Gardens

A stroll in the afternoon to recover from the flight hoping to sight the occassionally roosting Powerful Owl provided the commoner birds of Sydney to the list.

628. Magpie Lark
629. Australian Raven
630. Tree Martin
631. Rainbow Lorikeet
632. Masked Lapwing
633. Pacific Black Duck
634. Dusky Moorhen
635. Little Pied Cormorant
636. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
637. Little Black Cormorant
638. Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
639. Australian Magpie
640. White-faced Heron
641. Australian Pied Cormorant
642. Buff-banded Rail
Dec 16, Sydney

No real birding today however two more birds for the list

643. Crested Pigeon
644. Little Wattlebird
Dec 17, Manly

Mostly spent on the beach however we did walk around the bay and have a short walk into the national park.

645. Australasian Figbird
646. Pacific Koel
647. Australasian Darter
648. Laughing Kookaburra
649. Red Wattlebird
650. White-browed Scrubwren

Below are a Little Wattlebird and Australasian Darter


  • wattlebird.jpg
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  • darter.jpg
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Dec 19, Sydney to Wauchope

Today was spent driving to my parents' home on the mid-north coast with a few stops along the way adding more common birds to the list and taking the total for 2010 beyond the 2009 mark.

651. Black Swan
652. Eastern Whipbird
653. Bar-shouldered Dove
654. Yellow Thornbill
655. Brown Thornbill
656. Eastern Spinebill
657. Eastern Yellow Robin
658. Grey Fantail
659. Fork-tailed Swift
660. Mistletoebird
661. Eastern Rosella
662. Black-faced Cuckooshrike
663. Whistling Kite
664. Black-shouldered Kite
665. Galah
666. Pied Butcherbird
667. Maned Duck
668. Torresian Crow
669. Little Eagle
670. Nankeen Kestrel
671. Eastern Rosella
672. Noisy Friarbird
673. Superb Fairywren
674. Yellow-rumped Thornbill
675. Fairy Martin
Dec 20, Wauchope

Plenty of new 2010 birds and the first lifer of the trip from around my parents house and the immediate area.

676. Red-browed Finch
677. Satin Bowerbird
678. Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo
679. Brown Honeyeater
680. Buff-rumped Thornbill
681. Striped Honeyeater
682. Forest Raven
683. White-bellied Cuckooshrike
684. Striated Thornbill
685. Purple Swamphen
686. Willie Wagtail
687. Little Grassbird
688. Tawny Grassbird
689. Golden-headed Cisticola
690. White-breasted Woodswallow
691. Little Lorikeet

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