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Viator's 2012 World List (1 Viewer)


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June 19, Loboc, Bohol, Philippines

Having stayed on the coast so far on the trip we moved a little inland and stayed on the Loboc River.

487. Uniform Swiftlet
488. Philippine Cuckoo-Dove
489. Black Bittern
490. Yellow-wattled Bulbul
491. Plain Bush-hen

492. Barred Rail
493. Philippine Duck
494. Greater Painted-snipe
495. Island Collared Dove
496. Common Buttonquail

A bad image below of an Island Collared Dove


  • islandCollaredDove.jpg
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June 20, Rajah Sikatuna National Park, Bohol, Philippines

497. Winchell's Kingfisher
498. Spangled Drongo
499. Black-bibbed Cicadabird
500. Visayan Broadbill
501. Metallic-winged Sunbird

502. Yellow-faced Flameback
503. Philippine Drongo-Cuckoo
504. Philippine Trogon
505. Samar Hornbill
506. Philippine Serpent Eagle

With the forest getting very quiet late morning it was time to do some family touristy things (Chocolate Hills, Butterfly farms and lunch) before heading back into the park around 4pm.

507. Yellow-breasted Fruit Dove
508. Silvery Kingfisher
509. Yellow-breasted Tailorbird
510. Bicolored Flowerpecker

511. Great Eared Nightjar
512. Everett's Scops Owl
513. Philippine Frogmouth
514. Luzon Hawk-Owl

Images below of a Silvery Kingfisher, Everett's Scops Owl and Philippine Colugo


  • silvery1.jpg
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  • silvery2.jpg
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  • everttsScopsOwl.jpg
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  • colugo.jpg
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June 21, Loboc, Bohol, Philippines

Not a birding day, mostly around where we were staying and doing some touristy things.

515. Philippine Green Pigeon
516. Buzzing Flowerpecker

Photo of a Philippine Tarsier


  • tarsier.jpg
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June 22, Rajah Sikatuna National Park, Bohol, Philippines

An enjoyable morning back at Rajah Sikatuna highlighted by a pair of Azure-breasted Pittas (photo below) which were both not only visible but sat in the open for some time. The largest (pretty much only) mixed species flock of the trip moving through the forest also added quite a few new species.

517. Rufous-fronted Tailorbird
518. Black-faced Coucal
519. Black-crowned Babbler
520. Azure-breasted Pitta
521. Striated Wren-Babbler
522. Philippine Leaf Warbler
523. Yellow-bellied Whistler

524. White-bellied Munia
525. Brown Tit-Babbler
526. Amethyst Brown Dove
527. Visayan Blue Fantail

528. Bar-bellied Cuckooshrike
529. Philippine Fairy-bluebird


  • azureBreastedPitta.jpg
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June 23, Philippines

@ Loboc, Bohol
530. Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker

On Mactan Island, Cebu
531. Striated Grassbird


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July 8, Pulau Ubin, Singapore

532. Little Spiderhunter
533. Thick-billed Green Pigeon


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July 15, Singapore

Today brought my second sighting of a rare migrant to Singapore from the Australian winter - the other time being in 2008.

534. Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoo


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Aug 19, Kranji, Singapore

I visited several places in Kranji today including Sungei Buloh, however all new year birds came in the grassland/farming areas of the Kranji countryside. The surprise for me was a colony of the introduced Golden-backed Weaver's with nests in several trees - I wasn't aware they were in this area with the stronghold around Lorong Halus.

535. Golden-backed Weaver
536. Streaked Weaver
537. White-headed Munia


  • goldenBackedWeaver.jpg
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Aug 20, Pulau Ubin, Singapore

With the Hari Raya public holiday marking the end of Ramadan I spent the morning on Pulau Ubin and added a somewhat surprising omission to the year list.

538. Great-billed Heron


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June 8, Cebu, Philippines

With the IOC having accepted the split of Philippine Pied Fantail from [Malaysian] Pied Fantail a new year bird.

539. Philippine Pied Fantail.
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Sep 1, Palawan, Philippines

The start of 8 days on Palawan in the Philippines with its large number of endemics and endemic sub-species likely to be raised to species level at some point.

With the first 5 nights to be spent in Sabang the first birds were found en-route from Puerto Princessa.

540. Barred Buttonquail
541. Palawan Flowerpecker
542. Lovely Sunbird

An array of lifers around the where we were staying having arrived in Sabang.

543. Yellow-throated Leafbird
544. Palawan Bulbul
545. Blue-headed Racket-tail
546. Ashy-fronted Bulbul

547. Slender-billed Crow
548. White-vented Shama

Photo below of an Ashy-fronted Bulbul


  • ashyFrontedBulbul.jpg
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Sep 2, Sabang, Palawan, Philippines

A day of lifers both around Sabang and nearby St Paul's National Park.

549. Pale Spiderhunter
550. Green Imperial Pigeon
551. Sulphur-bellied Bulbul
552. Spot-throated Woodpecker
553. Palawan Hornbill
554. Palawan Tit

555. Hooded Pitta
556. Philippine Megapode
557. Palawan Peacock-Pheasant
558. Ashy-headed Babbler
559. Striped Flowerpecker

Images below of Blue-headed Racket-tail, Palawan Bulbul, Pale Spiderhunter and Yellow-throated Leafbird all being endemics to Palawan. Due to my camera refusing to operate further whilst in St Paul's no further images on this trip - It's now with Nikon |:mad:|


  • blueHeadedRacketTail.jpg
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  • palawanBulbul.jpg
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  • paleSpiderhunter.jpg
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  • yellowThroatedLeafbird.jpg
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Sep 3, Sabang, Palawan, Philippines

Whilst reasonably expectant of the Scops Owl very surprised to get the Frogmouth at the first attempt. A speculative playing of the call had a frogmouth fly and perch less than 5m away at head height - after about 30 sec it flew off not to be seen again.

560. Red-headed Flameback
561. Blue-naped Parrot
562. Palawan Scops Owl
563. Palawan Frogmouth


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Sep 4, St. Paul's National Park, Palawan, Philippines

A visit to the Underground River at St. Paul's National Park added another endemic.

564. Palawan Blue Flycatcher


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Sep 5, Sabang, Palawan, Philippines

565. Blue Paradise Flycatcher
566. Citrine Canary-flycatcher
567. Falcated Wren-Babbler
568. Middendorf's Grasshopper Warbler
569. Black-naped Fruit Dove

570. Mangrove Whistler


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Sep 7, Honda Bay, Palawan, Philippines

A day of snorkelling and visits to Pandan and Lulu Islands in Honda Bay. The highlight being 4 Grey Imperial Pigeons at lunch time on Pandan Island.

571. Gull-billed Tern
572. Grey Imperial Pigeon
573. Terek Sandpiper


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Sep 8, Palawan, Philippines

A morning on the old Zig Zag road brought one more endemic lifer and a surprise migrant.

574. Fiery Minivet
575. Himalayan Cuckoo
576. Melodious Babbler

Stopping at some rice fields on the way back to Puerto Princessa brought the last two year birds of the trip.

577. Swinhoe's Snipe
578. Green Sandpiper

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