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Volunteer surveys worldwide (1 Viewer)


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My love of birding abroad came from volunteering for the Black Stork migration survey across Gibraltar Straits. ( Then hiring a car and exploring Andalusia for a week).

Is there a directory of surveys, worldwide, or should there be a forum/subforum on birdforum to advertise any surveys requiring volunteers?

As you can guess, like most on here, I'm starting to get itchy feet!

Deb Burhinus

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Hi Peter

Organisations occasionally post for volunteers on these forums and individuals working in the field do but it’s seldom

- if you are a ringer, it’s very easy to get ringing work at bird camps or obs round the world for specific projects or for peak migration studies such as this https://environmentjobs.co.uk/green-jobs/bird-ringing-camp-volunteer.57673.htm
and most ringers would contact these groups directly too. Keep your eye on the ringing forum as people post opportunities on there sometimes.

If you are not a ringer, then a good place to source volunteer opportunities is through Birdlife who co-ordinate a massive amount of volunteering work around the globe http://datazone.birdlife.org/around-the-world-volunteers-underpin-much-of-birdlife's-work

Again, keep your eyes open on the forums for small project group leaders sometimes posting opportunity for survey work. Most of the more independent/smaller projects will require a good level of experience/identification skills though as there is less capacity to accommodate volunteers due to costs so they can’t afford to ‘carry people’ (You may also need latin! - the first survey work I carried out abroad years ago no one spoke english and all the sheets were written in latin, so I spent the evenings literally studying Collins!)

Other work, like helping out at some if the big migration camps wont necessarily require much experience or any at all as you will be given lots of help and not too much responsibility - but be aware, these are often in areas where there are high levels of raptor persecution and migrants being shot down as you count them. These opportunities can be found on the Birdlife link above and also in bird magazines, environmentjobs.uk on the link above.


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Cheers, I'll start looking in the near future hopefully. I'm happy to pay my way, but work may offer me leave if I'm doing something charitable. Although they are probably thinking more in terms of dredging the local lake, or helping at a care home, as opposed to counting raptors in Southern Israel. However, boundaries are there to be pushed!!


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Stay tuned, and in the new year we'll advertise again for volunteers for the Lanner Falcon monitoring project in Tuscany. We did advertise here on BF at the beginning of 2020 too, but then Covid happened. Fingers crossed!

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