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Warbler ID, Fresno, California, USA (1 Viewer)


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This bird (or one that looks like it) has been hanging out near my apartment with a large flock of Yellow-rumped (Audubon's) Warblers. I was finally able to capture some images on 07 January 2017 in between rain showers. The birds were all amazingly active and feeding as fast as they could. It was 45 degrees Fahrenheit, 100% overcast with random precipitation, and 0-5 mph wind while I was watching the birds.

The bill is throwing me off, I believe it is too long for a Wilson's or Orange-crowned. The undertail coverts are not right for a yellow.

The images were cropped with no other alterations for lighting.


  • Crop_WilsonsWarbler_FresnoHome_20170107_IMG_4933.jpg
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  • Crop_WilsonsWarbler_FresnoHome_20170107_IMG_4929.jpg
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  • Crop_WilsonsWarbler_FresnoHome_20170107_IMG_4908.jpg
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Orange-crowned, but with bad feather loss around the base of the bill, so you can see a lot of bill base that is normally hidden by the feathers :t:


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During the winter, warblers and other birds in California often get resin on their face feathers while feeding in the gummy blooms of Euckalyptus blooms. Agree with Orange-crowned for this bird


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