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Warbler ID Turkey/Istanbul (1 Viewer)


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2 different birds from today. Are they both olivaceous warbler?


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Alexander Stöhr

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belated: welcome to birdforum from me!
First bird (picture 1-3) seems a Marsh/Reed Warbler to me:
  • Undertail-coverts are ID-friendly long and judgeable with confidence here (wouldnt you say "Thank you" to this bird, regarding more difficult birds during the last time regarding this character?)
  • overall feeling is that of an Acrocephalus. Reason? Dont know, maybe habitat and the way, this bird appearantla moves within?
  • Picture 2: overall colouration seems pale sandy and the tertials seems really blackish with distinct pale edges, so better for a Marsh?
  • Claws seems pale to me, but difficult to judge
But as I havent experience with ssp fuscus of Reed Warbler, and learned much from recent Marsh vs Reed Warbler threads from eastern WP-regions, I hope for others to jump in

Second bird gives the impression of both a Willow Warbler and of a Reed Warbler in the last picture to me, but also gives a strange feeling, so I better wait for others so I can learn. Like the flying warbler, wich I identified as a Barred Warbler, but got help from Grahame Walbridge

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