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missing the neotropics
I cannot see a Wilson's or Yellow Warbler there at all. I can clearly see why the bird is controversial. I see a clear Geothlypis and agree with Mourning over Yellowthroat, though I don't profess to be an expert in NA Warblers :)


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I initially said yellowthroat but have turned around from that based in part on the seemingly all yellow belly which I think is one of the more reliable color features of the image. So I no longer think that is a possible option.



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... I see a clear Geothlypis ...
I wonder if this is the first time this expression has been used in this manner since the expansion of Geothlypis to include most of Oporornis a few years ago?
Definitely not a COYE or Wilson's, I like female Mourning Warbler here...
Agree it's not a Coyote :-O, but what's a Coye, for those of us not familiar with shorthand acronyms?

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