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Andy in West Oz

Now of the east!
After a day of interviewing and being armed with laptop, minidisc recorder and camera, I got home at 3 and my wife and I went to do some shopping. Five minutes drive from us is a large series of paddocks, really reserves for the high tension power poles. As we approached the intersection leading to the road that borders these paddocks, my wife pointed a "large bird" and said "Look at its wingspan, it's huge". I managed to catch glimpses of a Wedge-tailed Eagle at a height of about 75 metres. He/she was being mobbed by a pair of crows and several magpies but seemed undeterred. Of course, I had taken the camera out of the car but we still enjoyed something you definitely don't see everyday in the suburbs of Perth, a city of 1.2 million.

Can't wipe the grin off me face! LOL.

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