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Weird looking mystery bird (1 Viewer)


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Hello, I've been sitting on this for too long and it needs some new eyeballs to have a look at it.


Where: Sellersville, Pennsylvania. When: 5/12/2020 Size: this was a large bird and we think it was something in the range of a large hawk, eagle, cormorant. Not knowing which species it was made it difficult to dial in the size but this was definitely not smaller than a large hawk.
Context: I live in the woods. It circled my house and over our heads once or maybe a few times, hard to recall, but it gave me enough time to fire off a few shots and a video. Unfortunately I was still learning how to use my new Nikon P1000 (long-time Canon dslr user) so the zoom, focus and exposure could've been better.

A chimera of a bird. The neck is long, the head is flat and/or seems to end abruptly, the wings have unique dimensions as does the tail and its flight is bizarre.
I've searched North/South America for a fit to no avail.

Had to split the video in 2 parts. Second half is less shaky.
First half Second half

The images at the top are cropped versions and the others below are uncropped lightly-edited versions from the original RAW files.

Focal lengths are 35mm full frame equivalents
file *1819 = 42.2mm
*1820 = 180mm
*1821 = 252mm
*1823 = 117mm
*1824 = 135mm
*1826 = 66.5mm
*1827 = 66.5mm


  • DSCN1819_01.jpg
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  • DSCN1820.jpg
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  • DSCN1821.jpg
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  • DSCN1823.jpg
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  • DSCN1826.jpg
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  • DSCN1827.jpg
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  • DSCN1824.jpg
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My first impression was "crow with something in its beak", but on second thought, raven is a much better fit for the tail shape. It's a pleasant surprise when the viewer's impression of size turns out to be roughly correct.

I don't think I've ever seen a hawk or eagle to carrying anything in its beak -- they like to use their talons instead.
Definitely a raven - tail shape is diagnostic on its own, but relatively short and broad but deeply "fingered" wings are also a strong ID point.

The "neck" you're seeing is its bill, and the "head" is some sort of roundish object (presumably a food item) that it's carrying. Corvids carry things with their bills, not talons.
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